The BMW 4 Series Convertible is on display at the 2014 NAIAS and shows that BMW has figured out how to make a beautiful convertible out of a gorgeous coupe. BMW 4 Series Convertible has a folding three piece hard top which debuted at the LA Auto Show. The top is now able to retract while moving at speeds up to 11mph. This is a huge change from the previous which had to be stationary to retract.

The new 4 Series Convertible not only shed up to 44 lbs but now is lower, longer and wider than the outgoing 3 Series Convertible. BMW managed to engineer more trunk space too when the top is down.


Further, BMW says they were able to make the 4 Series 2db more quiet than the outgoing 3 Series convertible, which is already amazingly quite top up as noted our test of the last generation 3 Series Convertible.

Look for a full driving review of the 4 Series convertible from Las Vegas shortly after the Detroit Auto Show. MSRP of $49,675 for the 428i Convertible and the 435i Convertible has a MSRP of $55,825. These go on sale first quarter of 2014.