The fact that the performance of an engine depends decisively on the mass to be moved is an irreversible evidence of physics. That’s why one should consistently pay attention to weight saving. Here you are well served with the products of the company Schmidt Revolution and LIGHTWEIGHT.

So some rims of the company Volker Schmidt GmbH in Bad Segeberg have triggered revolutions, which is why for the most customers rims manufacturer is better known by SCHMIDT Revolution. RADINOX®-technology among others may be mentioned in this connection. This special stainless steel alloy (applied for rim halves) is absolutely corrosion free and shows in conjunction with the patented rolling in technique of the outer edge a high impact and compressive strength, for example, in case of kerbing damage.


For the past more than two decades Schleswig-Holstein professionals have let from so many rim dreams become a real dream rim. In the present case with BMW 335i F30 three-piece 20-inch units from SCHMIDT Revolution called FS Line including RADINOX®- outer rims from stainless steel in 8,5×20 inches with Continental 5P in 235/35-20 on the front axle or in 10×20 inches with 265/30-20 on the rear axle attract particular attention. The perfectly fitting wheel set, which is as for this car made, costs 6.499,00 Euro.


LIGHTWEIGHT also offers for BMW 335i F30 improvement in performance in two levels: while the level I with 336 hp (= 247 kW) and 460 Nm torque at 5.700 rpm costs only 799,00 Euro, the level II will cost you with 365 hp (= 268 kW) and 480 Nm torque at 5.600 rpm already 1.399,00 Euro. The muffer made from titanium from Leightweight for the price of 399,00 Euro with two 80-mm-tail pipes for the adaptation to the series system set additional visual accents. And to optimize the driving dynamics it was mounted Bilstein-B12-chassis with stabilizers from Eibach and LEIGHTWEIGHT-coordination for 1.999,00 Euro. Deprogramming of EDC-chassis inclusive IC-module requires further 1.500,00 Euro.