The 2013 season marks the 15th year of cooperation between MotoGP organizer Dorna Sports and BMW as “Official Car of MotoGP”. One of the many highlights of the anniversary year sees BMW M GmbH introduce a new brand presence at the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. A new motorhome, featuring a modern design and many technical innovations, sees BMW M increase its presence in the paddock. The BMW M Motorhome is an important focal point for the entire MotoGP community: riders, teams, members of the organizational team, and journalists.

The new BMW M Motorhome was officially launched at the Grand Prix weekend in Mugello on Friday.

bmw motogp motorhome 02 655x436

“Our commitment to MotoGP is growing continuously. Whilst we initially used the premier motorcycle racing class purely as a sponsorship platform, it has now developed into an effective marketing platform for us,” said Thomas Schemera, Director of Sales and Marketing at BMW M GmbH, at the launch of the new motorhome. “An important aspect of this is our BMW VIP Sales programme. We offer our customers premium service and plan to further expand our sales portfolio to also incorporate BMW Motorrad and BMW i products in the near future. Our new motorhome is the perfect contact point for interested parties and customers. BMW M is synonymous with sporty design and innovative technology, and this theme continues in our new motorhome. All furnishings and technology, be it the hydraulics on the exterior or IT on the inside, are state of the art. We are also proud to be able to use what is currently the only 3D car configurator. The design, in the style of the Safety Cars, is also in line with our brand presence.”

“For Dorna Sports, the cooperation with BMW M is more than a partnership, it is a friendship,” added Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports. “We are very proud of this collaboration and to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our cooperation, the new BMW M Motorhome is one of the many highlights.”

The design of the BMW M Motorhome, which is almost 14 meters long and four meters high, is based on the official BMW M Safety Car design. Once the trailer has taken its place in the MotoGP paddock at the start of the race weekend, it can then be quickly converted into the inviting BMW M Motorhome, thanks to fully-hydraulic, automatic leveling stabilizers and fully-hydraulic, automatic-unfolding side extensions.

bmw motogp motorhome 01 655x436

The extremely low entrance means the BMW M Motorhome is easily accessible to guests. It is divided into a large reception and sales room, a meeting room, an office, and a kitchen. The generous height (3.20 meters) is ideally suited to prestigious sales and promotional areas. The motorhome also has an 18m² mobile roof garden.

The technical highlight within the new BMW M Motorhome is the built-in Sales Server for configuring BMW and BMW M automobiles. The BMW VIP Sales programme allows prospective customers to put together a package of customized components for their desired car direct on site in the paddock. This Sales Server is the only one of its kind in the world. It allows the integrated use of all steps, from configuration to sales assistant. BMW is also providing the first mobile solution within the framework of MotoGP. The product configurator displays all models and their optional equipment. A range of animations offer virtual insights into the cars’ various functions, thus providing a unique product experience, which is also available in 3D. Thanks to the latest shader technology, the BMW products are displayed in a photographically realistic manner, while HDRI surroundings lend an emotional element to the display of the automobiles.