Video: BMWBLOG gets an exclusie preview of the BMW stand in Detroit

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Yesterday, BMW invited me to get an exclusive preview of the BMW stand at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. To keep things authentic, BMW decided …

Yesterday, BMW invited me to get an exclusive preview of the BMW stand at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. To keep things authentic, BMW decided to put me on the camera to present the exciting cars waiting to be unveiled.

Despite feeling a little camera shy and having the feeling of unknown, I decided to accept the challenge and be the face of the BMW community for one day…or a few hours.

The experience has been tremendous and working with BMW has been what one would expect, in a single word, professional. The entire crew and BMW marketing and press department have walked me through the entire process of being in front of the camera versus the man behind the scenes that I was accustomed to.

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The day started in an interesting way with a trip to the make-up room and getting all preppy for the camera. A somewhat intimidating experience even for one that sometime spends a lot of time on a race track, at high speeds. Next, I had to get all wired up for the sound crew which forgot to tell me that the microphone is on and I should refrain from any interesting remarks when the camera is not rolling.

After a quick walk-through of what we should cover today and most importantly, what THE BMW community would like to see, we were ready to bring some personal feel into somewhat impersonal official videos from auto shows. And yes, we added my accent into the mix to keep things true and real.

And no, no prompters were used hence the hesitations on some parts, but we all wanted to make this as real as possible and in a way, connect you through me to the BMW brand and its latest models.

horatiu bmwblog 01 655x982

You be the judge if we managed to do so.

16 responses to “Video: BMWBLOG gets an exclusie preview of the BMW stand in Detroit”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Couldnt bmw have gotten someone who could actually speak English

    • CV says:

      not sure if you noticed, but he does speak English. Having an accent is authentic and most important it is proof that you speak more than one language. In case of the editor – in chief of this blog you happen to read (not sure why…because it doesn’t look like you are interested in the cars) he speaks several. I usually don’t pay attention to people like you on the comment roster, but someone needs to tell you that ignorance and presumption have been the demise of many fools………oh, by the way, I wrote this with an accent

      • Jonathan says:

        I dont mind people with accents, my father has quite a heavy one. But for narration of a BMW video, you would expect something a bit more professional then that! I spent most of the time annoyed by the host’s accent and not able to watch the actual cars. Looks like I ruffled some fanboy feathers, real intelligentsia on this site I can see…

        • Horatiu B. says:

          You missed the point, this wasn’t supposed to be a “professional” video, otherwise they would have hired a professional narrator. It was all done ad-hoc, no preparation really, nothing. This is a way for BMW to be more personal, in touch with people and also showcase some of the people behind the scenes that daily produce content for millions for BMW fans and not only.

          With that being said, your comments remain and won’t be deleted like would happen on other websites and feedback is appreciated regardless.

          • Linas says:

            Horatiu, you did absolutely great in this video. As you pointed out it’s based on a more personal approach which I think will be appreciated by most of the BMW fans. More videos to come? ;)

          • johnparke says:

            You did fine. Don’t listen to a-holes like that.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Thanks. I was actually even more professional than was expected. The idea was to not practice, be genuine, like no cameras are there. And of course, emotions kicked in and stumbled on some words or saying sitting instead of standing etc… But that was the point. A real person doing it. That’s why I said yes.

  2. Chris says:

    What a moronic comment! Geez you guys have a lot of haters that don’t get the idea

  3. emulajavi says:

    Hi. Great job Horatio! Great video! Great explanations!

    I missed the opportunity to place my question on the Facebook page, but I think that if you have the opportunity to talk with Adrian VH or someone other BMW people it would be a great occasion to ask them about the “horizontal front line of the hood”….

    Why does the hood in the new 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 1, Z4, etc Series stop well before the kidney grilles so we have that horizontal ugly line?? If we look at the X3 or the spied X5, the hood finishes in the grilles as always has happen in BMW. Will the 2Series also have “that line”??

    I don’t accept that it is for EU Safety Regulations because in new Audis like A8, A6, A3 etc all their hoods finish in “their grilles”. And their grilles are as low (distance from the too of the grille to the floor) as BMW….

    I would be disappointed if the reason is to lower repairing costs in case of a frontal crash, because if the hood does not finish at the grilles is I’d more unlikely to be affected in case of a crash. I would not compromise the appearence for saving a few bucks on a new hood.

    That horizontal line is the only thing that prevents the design of new BMWs from being perfect (aside for the (tear drop) headlights in the 1 Series)

  4. Adam M. says:

    Horatiu, all the props to you. And also to BMW for recognizing what you guys have built here (which I personally enjoy a lot) and also giving you an opportunity to do something cool that I don’t think any automaker has done so far.

    And ignore all negative comments, yes, you have an accent, so what?! It was clear what you wanted to say, the cars looked great and ….made me says “man, this is really German style now”.

    Loved it, good job!

  5. Mark Sanders says:

    Wholeheartedly agree. Awesome job and as I can tell, first time on a real camera and not bad at all. Also the interview with the German guy was really good, you guys had good chemistry and answered many questions I had.

    Oh, someone called you John Travolta on Youtube :) A compliment in my opinion and made me chuckle a bit.

  6. AlexBK says:

    Congrats Horatiu! I am very glad for your new and interesting experience and that to some extent brought us there with you and close to the cars.

    Salutari din Romania ;)

  7. Plaxico says:

    I think you did well, maybe just a bit stilted. I liked that first suit

  8. Giom says:

    I really enjoyed the whole video. It did add a personal element to the presentation and this only makes me appreciate BMW more! Can we expect more of these presentations Horatiu?

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