BMW reported the best October sales month ever with an increase of 21 percent in the United States. The impressive growth has narrowed the lead of Mercedes-Benz in luxury-auto cars sold this year and the race is back on.

BMW sales rose to 26,451 vehicles, helped by a 26 percent gain for the 3 Series family.

Mercedes reported a slower month of sales, with 5.9 percent or 23,978 units, boosted by the C-Class sedan. The October results trimmed Mercedes’s lead to 2,748 vehicles, from 5,221 at the end of September.

But the following questions arises: how will Hurricane Sandy impact these sales? The Northeast area is an important market for both Mercedes and BMW, but it remains unknown which one will be affected the most.

Year-to-date, Mercedes U.S. sales rose 12 percent to 215,596 units, while BMW reported an increase of 6.7 percent or 212,848 cars sold. Last year BMW took the top spot with just 2,715 vehicles sold more than Mercedes.

Lexus rose 9.7 percent to 19,850 and continues its ascending path after a slow 2011 caused by the tsunamis and earthquakes in Asia.

Cadillac’s sales rose 14 percent to 13,505 vehicles in October, helped by an 11 percent gain in sales of the SRX crossover SUV and the new ATS compact sedan.

Audi also continues to grow in the U.S. with 11,708 vehicles sold in October, a 15 percent increase.

Acura brand rose 9.4 percent to 12,163 units, while Infinity reported a 28 percent gain or 8,575 vehicles.