When we collectively think of BMW, cars and motorbikes are the first thing we think of as fans. But BMW Design Works has been designing everything from luggage to airplane interiors for over 35 years.

Now I’m over simplifying BMW Designwork’s offerings a bit, they really have a diverse collection of designs over their 3 decades of interpreting their vision of luxury through the things we mostly take for granted on a daily basis. But it’s the ones we don’t often see because; well..  some of us aren’t fortunate enough to see that really make our jaw drop. Let’s take the Intermarine 55 motor yacht for example, the subject of today’s Super Bild.

BMW Group DesignworksUSA collaborated with Intermarine, Brazil’s leading shipyard for luxury yachts, to create this elegant, powerful and refined piece of floating art. Not only does it serve to lavishly spoil it’s occupants but The BMW Design Works Intermarine 55 is truly a capable motoring yacht. Its 57 feet long and is available with two engine options that include a set of 670 horsepower engines for the endurance model and a set of 800 horsepower engine on the power model.  The endurance model can travel up to 350 nautical miles with a top speed of 31 knots and the power model can travel up to 300 nautical miles with a top speed of 35 knots. Enough to make the run from Miami to the Bahamas to spend the weekend enjoying your wealth and accomplishments.

The starting price for such opulence is $2.2Million (US) a sum that I won’t be able to afford to part with any time soon. Unless of course I hit the lottery.

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