After the video teaser released yesterday, BMW UK has now published the first photos of the M3 and M5 M Performance Editions. The two super sporty M vehicles are available in three frozen paint colors, equally distributed over the 30 units of each car that will be built.

Judging by the photos, the special Ms get 20 matte-black wheels, piano-black interior trim, along with special stitching and laser-etched ‘ONE OF 30’ plaque.

The 30-off M5’s exclusivity comes at quite a cost, however – at £95,140, its price is a whopping £22K more than a regular M5. The M3 is marginally better value, a mere £19K pricier than standard at £74,080.

No power upgrades are being offered therefore the M5 continues to produce 560 horsepower.

We have reached out to BMWNA to confirm whether the two vehicles are coming to the U.S. as well.