The long-rumored BMW 3.0 CSL-style stripes have arrived. According to Bimmerfile, BMW has soft-launched a stripe package for the current E92 M3.

The package consists of six pieces, three on each side with the usual M racing colors, giving the car a retro, sporty look.

Same stripe scheme was rumored to be offered for the BMW 1 Series M Coupe as well. According to a source speaking to BMW earlier this year, the 1M kit could be installed at any BMW dealerships and will be sold as an option for the 1M.

Just a few months back, an Alpine White 1M, sporting a similar design, made its rounds on the interwerbs and the paint scheme was copied by many European 1M owners.

In addition to the BMW Performance stripe package, the company will also offer a slightly revised BMW Performance steering wheel. The new variant replaces the yellow strip across the top of the wheel with an M approved blue one.

Pricing and availability have not been disclosed at the moment.

[Source: Bimmerfile ]