Back in 2009, at CEBIT, world’s largest computer expo, BMW Designworks USA in cooperation with Thermaltake presented a futuristic computer case named Level 10. The BMW-branded case was not your regular computer case, where internal components are placed inside a box, but rather on the outside attached to a metal frame and within their own compartments.

The case was aimed towards gamers and draw the attention of all geeks around the world since it has a BMW flavor attached to it. Fast forward a few years and a new BMW-branded computer case was born out of an independent project. Richard B. at Xtremecomputing used the Thermaltake Level 10 as an inspiration for his BMW M Power Computer Case. Richard is not only a computer gearhead but was also a proud owner of a 1998 BMW M3. Here is how he describes his project:

BMW M computer case 24 655x714

“My plan was to do the case white, with some airbrush work with M Power logo and BMW logo as well as a M3 airbrushed into the case, as my old ride was from the 90s and the case from the 10s I decided to go with a theme based on the modern M3. ”


  • CPU – AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
  • Mobo – Gigabyte 890FXA-UD7
  • Memory – Patriot G series 1600mhz 4 gig AMD kit
  • GPU – Ati Radeon HD 5850
  • Main HDD – Patriot 120GB Inferno SSD
  • Secondary HDD – 2 X WD RE3 Greens 1TB
  • PSU – Thermaltake Tough Power Grand 750W
  • Case – Thermaltake Level 10

The project lasted nearly 7 months, but the final product can be seen below and it is nothing short of impressive. We enjoy seeing the passion for BMW brand expanding into other areas, and this is a fine example.To follow the entire build process of the BMW M Computer Case, or learn more about some of the challenges, follow the link at