Earlier this week, BMWBLOG received an exclusive invitation to the BMW Classic in the center of Munich. Our own Hugo Becker had the opportunity to take a trip back into the history of BMW and an upcoming report will tell us more about BMW Classic and some of the rare vehicles displayed at Classic. Ahead of this, BMW decided to release a series of new photos, including all three brands: BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce.

Press Release: “Quality in automobile construction can only be created where tradition and progress are combined.” The idea of BMW Group Classic can hardly be expressed any better. And even this idea has already developed into a tradition. The concept originates from a BMW advertisement to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the automobile – 50 years ago.

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BMW Group Classic coordinates all the activities of the BMW Group which are associated with the history of the company, its products and three brands. The relevant classic activities of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce are unified under the auspices of BMW Group Classic. The platform is formed by the classic mainstays of museum, archives, club support and the BMW Centre, as well as event organisation and specific classic communication. Classics from the BMW Group’s own collection are not simply housed in the museum, they are on the road at events throughout the world.

BMW Group Classic succeeded BMW Group Mobile Tradition in 2008. When this department was originally established in 1994, it focused on the preservation of historic cars and motorcycles as mobile testimonies to eras in the history of the BMW brand. As the global boom in classic vehicles developed, new fields of activity opened up, such as technical support, organisation and participation in events, and contemporary communication of historic information.

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