A new video of the 2012 BMW M5 just appeared on Youtube. The prototype was filmed during a winter testing session in Austria. The M5 prototype is driven by a series of engineers, including engineer and test driver, Bernd Limmer.

This 3 minutes clip comes as a continuation of the official teaser released two weeks ago and it includes driving impressions from the drivers. Unfortunately, they are in German, but we expect BMW to release a version with English subtitles as well.

The new 2012 BMW M5 Concept debuts next month at the Shanghai Motor Show, followed by the world premiere of the production version in September at Frankfurt Show.

Update: Thanks to BimmerToday, we have a few highlights from the drivers’ review:

“We have to consider the different climates and states of driving, that is why we have to test all over the world, starting from south africa to france, sweden and the Nürburgring. On snow you have to drive very sensitive and all the systems have to work like that. If one system does not fit with the others you can drive safely to the limit.

A very simple but also complex task is to start driving on a hill. When I get away from the brake pedal the DSC has to conserve the braking-pressure until the engine delivers enough power to take off smoothely without the car rolling backwards.”

“We test the cars after they where outside the whole night and are cold everywhere. The car has to cope with different tasks even if it is completely cold, we have to arrange this by setting the engine up correctly.”

“Measurement / reading / recording started. Now we hit the start button. And go. We see the course of the revs, it is not optimal yet, but we will manage this, we are still in the phase of application.”

[Source: Gmotors ]