Earlier this week, Mercedes-Benz took off the veil of their latest update to the popular C-Class family. The facelifted C-Class launches in 2011 and as always, will take on the E90 BMW 3 Series Sedan.

A typical feature here at BMWBLOG is to compare BMW models against their competitors and today, we decided to put head-to-head in a photo comparison the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the 2010 BMW 3 Series Sedan facelift.

With the 2012 model year, Mercedes is offering an all-new four-cylinder engine option here in the United States (C250). The C250 delivers 201-horsepower. The fancier C300 will have a 228 horsepower from a V6 engine. The top-model C350 is also powered by a V6 engine delivering this time 302-horsepower.

Design wise, the facelift C-Class brings small changes to the current exterior design. The tweaks are limited to a new aluminum hood, slightly revised headlights and a set of LED running lights situated below. At the rear-end, the changes are even more subtle.



From the official press release:

On the rear bumper, the character lines and shutlines have been modified to add emphasis to the vehicle’s stance. This is especially evident in the steep rise of the character line running outward toward the rear lights. A continuous character line on the upper edge of the rear bumper runs into the fenders of the C-Class to provide a connection to the sides and emphasizes the sporty character of the rear view. A new one-piece jewel case on the tail lights provides further integration into the rear of the vehicle. The characteristic sinuous surface line is now reflected on the inside of the lights and is reminiscent of earlier models. The distinctive depth of the lights are achieved by LED indicators located in the center that appear to float in front of the more deeply set red LED bands above and below. The rear light pattern is particularly distinctive at night.

The interior of the C-class has been restyled to reflect that of the E-class, with an angular instrument binnacle and improved materials. The company’s new telematics system will also make its debut before being gradually introduced to the rest of its model range. The system offers larger LCD displays, music played wireless via Bluetooth and the SMS displayed on the LCD screen.


New driver assistance systems like Attention Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Parktronic have been added to the popular sedan.

BMW continues to offer in the US two different models, the entry-level 328i (230 hp) and its xDrive twin, and the top-model, 335i (300 hp), as well in an xDrive configuration. A diesel sedan is also being offered – 335d.

The 2012 C-Class will make its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month with the cars going on sale in the United States next summer.