The Future Of BMW Plug-in Hybrids Is Exciting

5-series | November 27th, 2014 by 9
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BMW equips a 5 Series GT with the eDrive and TwinPower Turbo technology to showcase the future of plug-in hybrids. The ongoing development and refinement …

BMW equips a 5 Series GT with the eDrive and TwinPower Turbo technology to showcase the future of plug-in hybrids.

The ongoing development and refinement of hybrid drive systems under the Efficient Dynamics program is geared in particular to maximizing the amount of time the vehicle spends in electric mode. Therefore, BMW is developing a new generation of “highly electrified” hybrid concept models.

First one made its debut today, the 3 Series eDrive Concept which will go on sale in 2016. Next year, the BMW X5 eDrive will also make its market debut.

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Future models using the Power eDrive technology will include significantly higher-powered electric motors and batteries with twice the capacity of present versions. The Power eDrive electric drive system will contribute approximately two thirds of the vehicle’s combined output. The new BMW engines family with TwinPower tech will fill in the other third.

The drive components used in these future hybrid systems will offer combined outputs in excess of 500 kW, while the capacity of the lithium-ion batteries – up to 20 kilowatt hours – will likewise be greatly in excess of current hybrid systems.

The increased all-electric driving range will reach up to 100 km (62 miles), essentially the new plug-in hybrids could run in the electric mode every day.

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The combustion engine will fulfill several roles, such as providing a power boost when needed, extending the driving range and provide some recharging capabilities.

On future plug-in hybrid concepts the electric motor, which will be the main source of power for everyday driving, will continue to drive the rear wheels, while the addition of a second electric motor driving the front wheels will create an all-electric road-coupled all-wheel-drive system. At the same time, an internal combustion engine will also supply power to the front axle.

9 responses to “The Future Of BMW Plug-in Hybrids Is Exciting”

  1. CDspeed says:

    Interesting, but it almost suggests that anyone who’s interested should wait rather then buy the plug-in hybrids that are just about to hit the market.

  2. Freepat 75014 says:

    The 3 Series PHEV with 22Miles of range means another non-sense 10KWH battery is of no interest here, but the Power eDrive is a Huge progress for BMW ! At last one !
    Yet, it is still not the desired / optimal Tesla-like “all Electric Drive train” with dual Electric engines and an even smaller (non-tracting) BMW Range Extender ICE engine, and a larger battery pack, that could provide this type of capability at a much cheaper price, lower weight and w/ less complexity, PULLING the big central engine (Not pulled here, only downsized to 4xCyl), pulling the huge central gearbox (not pulled here), pulling the huge central transmission (reduced here but still there on the front, as this 4 Cyl ICE remains “tracting”, still mechanically connected to the front wheels).
    But its getting closer than ever to something I could purchase, may be…. Just that should end a lot more heavy and costy than needed, with potential greater maintenance costs due to the huge complexity of this drive train.
    In any case this is by far superior to the ridiculous X5 eDrive concept presented at Paris motor Show last month, where I lost faith for BMW regarding EV & PHEV capabilities, and seriously considered buying a Tesla Model X in 2016 following that visit. I hope they will NEVER put their X5 eDrive in a production car, with its ridiculous 10KWH battery and 100HP single electric motor, copied from Porsche meaningless Panamera eHybrid non-sense, also pulling nothing, and at the end having the electric parts working as a sort of “Electric Turbo” mode, on top of 6 x Cyl ICE engine working de-facto all the time, as the all electric mode was just pitiful.
    Instead on this Power eDrive I love the 2 x Electric Motors both well > 200HP each, this is perfect BMW sizing for once ! But the battery remains well too small with 20KWH. For me the minimum should be # 30KWH to 40KWH, to allow one charge every 2 x days to perform my 65KM/day local commutes, so its 3000 x charge cycles can last longer. With 20KWH I’ll need to charge every day so its 3K cycles will last # 10 Years, hence used resale value will remain bad. Still this is far better than 5-6Y with 10KWH non-sense of X5 eDrive.
    Then I hope that on the SUVs fit with Power eDrive, where they have more room and can allow more weight, they will keep the option for a larger petrol trunk (70L insted of 30L presented here for California) so for my far away summer vacation trips with > 1000 KM of high speed motorway per day, we don’t need to stop at the pump too often, and get up-set by that real fast.
    Then we’ll need to understand the details of everything and their Fast Chargers and Super Chargers compatibility… And the prices, plus a warranty and replacement price for the battery !

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Thanks for the great comment and insight.

      I have faith BMW will deliver a great hybrid within 2 years.

      • Freepat 75014 says:

        Yes, but I bet that will end well above 100K Euros starting price in an X6 set with that non-optimal Power eDrive, like porsche Panamera eHybrid at 136K Euro today… And TESLA Model X, by the time BMW can ship this X6 Power eDrive, will offer for a lower cost a 110KWH EV model (+30% capacity in same space and price, from GigaFactory), say a P110D Dual Motor model, that will give 600KM EV range (Securing >500KM at 130KM/H on the motorway, thanks to the much more efficient Dual Motors with differentiated ratios), and based on Tesla Supercharger rollout plans on their WEB, I think I could purchase that model as soon as early 2016 without sacrificing my vacations freedom any more. So my bet remains Tesla for my beloved BMW 530DA replacement. This interim step is a waste of time for BMW I think, especially considering at what price this could be sold….
        I almost think it’s already too late to start making a good PHEV now/ The Germans missed the “window” here, as by end of 2015 in Europe full EVs set the Tesla way will be end-to-end validated options for main High End car replacement.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Time will tell. I think BMW did a great job focusing on EV and in a few years, it will totally pay off. At the same time, you problly can’t invest in all technologies, so you need to prioritize.

    • Arnis says:

      I also think that i3 has excellent range extender. BMW should max out their PHEV vehicles with 1.5 litre gasoline/diesel motors on 7-series. Anything bigger is pointless. 10kWh battery is a shame. But it is enough for 200kW of electric power acceleration boost. One extra generator is way better than having gearbox+differential+flywheel+driveshaft+starter+generator etc

  3. JOHN T SHEA says:

    500 kw!? Really? Who or what is the source for all this speculation?

  4. daniel says:

    Anyone car to speculate about 0 – 60 mi time?

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