Mercedes-Benz is the No. 1 US Luxury Brand For 2013

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Mercedes-Benz ended BMW’s two-year reign as the top-selling U.S. luxury vehicle brand and it is crowned as the No. 1 U.S. luxury brand for 2013. …

Mercedes-Benz ended BMW’s two-year reign as the top-selling U.S. luxury vehicle brand and it is crowned as the No. 1 U.S. luxury brand for 2013. The Stuttgart-based automaker posted record sales last year aided by the introduction of new models, like the high-seller CLA. Mercedes said 75 percent of buyers of its new CLA, which starts at $29,900, were new to the brand.

BMW came second with only 3,254 units sold less than Mercedes in 2013.

Mercedes posted a 17 percent gain in December 2013 with 33,007 deliveries, For the year, the brand’s sales rose 14 percent to 312,534.

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BMW reported December sales of 37,389, a drop of just 10 from a year earlier, as deliveries surged 56 percent for its 3 Series and 4 Series sedans. The Munich-based automaker’s annual total rose 10 percent to 309,280, topping its record from 2007.

In November, Mercedes-Benz increased their lead with 7,610 more units sold than BMW.

In just four months, Mercedes sold 14,113 CLA cars.

“Flat out, CLA has been one of the best product launches we’ve done in 20 years,” Steve Cannon, chief executive officer of Mercedes-Benz USA, said in an interview.

Third place in the U.S. luxury sales goes to Lexus with 273,847 units for the year. Cadillac reported a 0.5 percent sales decrease to 18,165 for the month and a 22 percent increase to 182,543 for the year.

Audi comes sixth in U.S. sales with 158,061, an all-time high.

[Source: Bloomberg]

15 responses to “Mercedes-Benz is the No. 1 US Luxury Brand For 2013”

  1. Autopal says:

    The C class is by far Mercedes best selling car. For them to beat BMW, with an old and dated C class, competing against the new 3 series is telling. With their new C300 and C400 being launched this month, i predict BMW will struggle if they want to recapture the sales lead. My personal driver for the last 4 years is a 2009 E90 335i, which i plan to replace this year. I’m leaning towards a F30 335i, but i’m definitely waiting to test drive this C400 C class before i decide. I love and enjoy my 335i, but the days of blind loyalty are no more.

    • BadBoy says:

      Their sales is due to the A class and CLA class which introduced people into the luxury brand. BMW needs something to compete with it. The CLA is bigger than the 1 and 2 series while offering something different than the 3 series in a similar size. BMW needs a similar model to compete.

      • Michael says:

        It will be interesting to see if that is entirely correct. They [MB] said they haven’t yet released the break down by model. The E and S have also recently had very strong sales and they are significantly more profitable models. The CLA has very low profit margins and that is why BMW has been hesitant to compete in that segment. As we all know from past attempts, that segment is generally not very successful.

        • John says:

          How is the segment not successful?

          It’s cheap and it sells. It all started with the C class intro. Then they added more and more cheap models. How are cheap cars not successful?

          • Michael says:

            Umm the A3, the 1series, the 318ti and the C-class coupe (not the current one but the c230 kompressor), just to name a few, are all example of how this segment has traditionally been an abysmal proposition. You are also conflating segments, the C-class does not compete in this lower segment nor is it relevant to it. Also, until its newest iteration, the A-class has been a poor seller throughout its existence as was the B-class. That is why most of the vehicles I mentioned were either kept from the American market or failed here and were discontinued here. In order to be profitable these lower segment vehicles must sell in massive volumes.

  2. ff says:

    This is why BMW need to make the FWD cars. Some people here are always bashing BMW for diversifying its brand; I really don’t understand why.

  3. Ivan Neri says:

    but the cla is horrible, looks like a white banana!

  4. Roland Renno says:

    AMG is the reason why Mercedes-Benz is strong. AMG is well-known, sport, refined, and has what it takes to compete with BMW. Some of the people who used to buy BMW M cars are opting for the AMG.

  5. digivue says:

    That’s a result of unreasonable price increases, cost cutting measures and drifting away from their DNA.

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