Video: BMW M3 going off a cliff, driver survives

Videos | June 15th, 2013 by 17
photo 2 1 Video: BMW M3 going off a cliff, driver survives

An owner of a BMW E46 M3 lives to share the story of his car driving off a cliff. The video shows a couple of …

An owner of a BMW E46 M3 lives to share the story of his car driving off a cliff.

The video shows a couple of BMW drivers going through some windy roads at fairly high speeds, right before the M3 hit a corner too fast, understeered and rolled over down the rocky cliff. Luckily the two men walked away with minor scratches despite the E46 M3 being rolled over a few times.

The Carbon Black M3 seems fairly decent considering the drop, once again showing the amount of engineering and safety mechanisms that go inside a BMW.

photo 2 1 Video: BMW M3 going off a cliff, driver survives

We hope he learned a valuable lesson in appropriate speed and concentration.

Hat tip to Ed!

  • Michael

    This video is a true testament to the safety of a BMW.

  • Ted

    That made me nauseous. Please, please be careful people and do your speeding on a closed track and in a controlled environment.

  • Walter

    We hope that after this incident he’ll switch to an AMG or RS and not buy a crappy M car.

  • Mateo

    he was lucky nobody was coming the other way!

    this had to happend, NEVER CUT THE TRACK PEOPLE , STAY IN YOUR OWN LINE!!!

    the was driving like he was on racing track.

    on public road always drive in your side of the road

  • Guy

    This is the road out to tortilla flat in Arizona. This is the 2nd M3 I know of thats ended up on its roof out there.

  • Scott

    This video is a true testament to stupid people who shouldn’t be driving.

  • Gary Ketner

    Sort of confirms everybody’s pre-conception of jerks in BMWs, eh? So why in the world publicize this on the Club site? As was stated above, the driver’s lucky to be alive, as are the people in oncoming traffic that he might have hit. Save it for Drivers Schools, a*****e. (FYI, in terminal understeer, try lifiting gently and unwinding…)

    • Horatiu B.

      Maybe to show the safety of a BMW?

      • Vince G.

        Perhaps, but the idiocy and sheer recklessness demonstrated in this video almost negates that intent. There are plenty other examples of BMW’s fine engineering without involving illegal, and dangerous behavior by the BMW driver. For the CCA to use this as “advertisement” for their marque shows poor judgement in my opinion. This video should be held up as behavior NOT supported by the CCA; being the author hardly makes mention of it is unfortunate and a missed opportunity. I hope they make an edit soon.

  • Lee

    I hope he hurt himself and not just the car. Maybe it will teach him a lesson before he hurts someone else. Driving on across the centerline means you will kill someone else one day, you f#$*&^ing idiot. You should have your license permanently revoked.

  • Incognito7979

    Terrible driving for sure. Appeared to be on stock tire size and suspension, which means his alignment was also probably not set up for driving like that. Combine that with a lack of skills, and rubber side up is not a surprising outcome.

    • Horatiu B.

      Clearly lack of skills.

      I made a similar mistake once also on a similar road, and learned a lot. My fault was turning off all traction controls thinking I can handle the car. Learned a lot and from a far more fortunate outcome.

  • Art

    Looked more like early turn-in than understeer. I guess by the time he blew his line it turned out to be understeer.

  • BMWFreaky

    Never turn off all traction controls on public road you don’t need it, by the way is the car totaled?? lol