Photo Comparison: F10 BMW M5 vs Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Facelift

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Today, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the facelift version of the E63 AMG model which will come to market this year. The competitor to the F10 BMW M5 …

Today, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the facelift version of the E63 AMG model which will come to market this year. The competitor to the F10 BMW M5 goes through a series of exterior and interior design changes, as well as additional tech features.

The things that immediately stand out are a new front skirt reminiscent almost of a concept car and gone are the outgoing model’s quad headlamps, replaced instead by a single lamp per side. The fascia includes a special AMG “A-wing” grille and V8 Biturbo badging on the fenders. At the rear end we can observe a black diffuser insert and the S-Model features a black “S” on the trunk lid.

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Inside a new IWC-designed analog clock is included in the E63 AMG.

But the biggest addition of all is the inclusion of an all-wheel-drive system for the first time. The 550 or 577 horsepower for the S-Model can now be send to all four wheels. Under the hood we have an updated 5.5 liter TwinTurbo V8.

The standard E63 AMG 4Matic produces 531 lb-ft of torque while the S-Model delivers 590 lbft of torque. The E63 AMG run from 0 to 60 mph from a complete standstill in 3.6 or 3.5 seconds and tops out at 155 or 186 mph for the standard and S-Models, respectively.

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While both the Audi RS6 and E63 AMG offer an all-wheel drive system, BMW remains the only large and important premium automaker to rely solely on the rear-wheel drive configuration. BMW has iterated in the past that an xDrive system was considered at some point in time but the decision was scrapped for the F10 model. It remains unknown if the next generation due in 6 years will join the other premium automakers in offering their customers a choice of a super sedan and xDrive system.

As always, we have put together a visual comparison of the two vehicles.

Let us know in the comments section below if you favor one vehicle over the other one.

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26 responses to “Photo Comparison: F10 BMW M5 vs Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Facelift”

  1. Mateo says:

    m5 gets to 60 in what? 4s officially?

    car and driver managed 3.7s? right?
    merc gets officially in 3.5 to 60!
    can it do under 3 seconds?????

    • Truong Giang says:

      BMW tend to “underestimate” their cars, so the official numbers often slower than what magazines can achieve. Others manufacturers go the other way, not many people can get to their official numbers.

      • says:

        who cares about one second more or less !! you will never be able to use the potential of these cars ! 99 % of the time you are driving in streets or boring freeways ! its a joke these comparisons ! these comparisons were born from the silly magazines you read ! when you buy a car like this drive it and enjoy it by knowing you have a lot of potential and specially the BMW, it is a real Driving Machine ! Yeah sure take it to the track and get to pay for a set of new tyres us$ 2000 .oo and who knows what else breaks down, you will learn to drive with respect and you wont care the other Idiot who is faster by ONE second !!!!

        • Mateo says:

          i totally agree with you.

          but i think new m5 isn’t exotic like e60, it’s better overall but it’s just tuned 550i. if you want tuned car, why m5, go for e63amg S!

          e60 is true point of what modern day M car should be, stock 550i is BRUTAL, M5 should be something more than just better 550i version.

  2. jason bourne says:

    The lower front end of the M-B looks like it’s making an ugly “Eeech” face.

  3. mPertz says:

    Truth is here that we have two beautiful CARS

  4. TheBingoBalls says:

    Let’s call it the “4-Series Concept bumper”, does not work on the E63. I like the pre-LCI bumper way better. I like how the tail lights removed the ugly LED’s and replaced it with full bars so that’s an improvement. Powertrain is a BEAST though.

  5. Giom says:

    Each to his own, but that Merc ain’t pretty. The front bumper treatment reminds me a lot of the front lower part of the 4 series concept coupe. Just not as classy. It’s a bit uncanny…

  6. Truong Giang says:

    The Merc’s design is an unharmonious mix of straight lines and curves. I prefer the M5 <3

  7. Gnuman says:

    Never thought I would say this, but the Merc’s interior takes a dump on the M5’s. Despite that, I would take an M over any AMG.

  8. ben says:

    this is 4 Series Coupe

  9. nick says:

    I think M is a better car in every aspect. although I personally like the front of AMG, yes its futuristic and different but hey i was waiting to see manufacturers actually bringing the concept car elements to the real world. Although merc will have a challenge on a next gen model and M update will be a beast!!!

  10. Picker says:

    Does it make sense to compare photos? The most important factor in this segment is performance, and thi is where the new E63 AMG is miles ahead of the M5. It humiliates the M5 both in acceleration and in lap times. Let’s take just one example: the new E63 AMG completes the Norschliefe in below 8 seconds while the idiotic M5 in 8:05.

    • turbomaniacs says:

      I agree that it doesn’t make sense comparing photos since what we’re trying to highlight is the performances not the models. Model preferences depends on one’s taste. I like both M5 and E63 looks but it is without doubt the M cars delivers more fun to drive feeling than AMGs. I think Merc is desperately trying to beat the M5. Just look at how many times Merc revises the E63 from N/A 6.3 to 5.5 biturbo (both previous models) still cant beat an M5 which only came in only one model. Now they finally beat the M5 with an all wheel drive system but only 0.3 seconds (not even by one second) faster for 0-60. I found this just silly sacrificing the RWD just to beat the M5.

  11. turbomaniacs says:

    E63 has left the RWD game now entering the AWD game. Hopefully BMW won’t do this horrible mistake.

  12. turbomaniacs says:

    E63 has left the RWD game and now entering the AWD game. Hopefully BMW won’t do this horrible mistake.

  13. kolbasz says:

    That taillight’s like its from an old lexus. It makes the whole back of the car really characterless, and the disharmony between the tail and the front of the car is ridicoulos.

  14. George G. Berbreashvili says:

    Let’s see my comparisons with BMW 4 Series and MB 63 AMG, its 95% similar

  15. viper says:

    both are stunning cars , merc without a doubt looks more elegant and more complex inside compared to simplistic bmw yet muscular m5 , only taste will win , whichever that is

  16. digivue says:

    M5 looks to similar to a regular 5 series car. Merc is plain ugly. Both cars are too big and heavy. I’d pass on both of them. Can’t wait what M3/4 would have to offer (BMW, please, don’t put cheap a$$ halogen lighting on these cars).

  17. TAN says:

    the mercedes back seems ugly compare to the previous model but the front still acceptable…M5 need to beat the mercedes back…..SUPPORT M5!!! ///M ALWAYS

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