BMW overtakes Mercedes for U.S. luxury sales in 2012

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mercedes bmw 2011 us sales 41623 1

Sales of BMW brand vehicles increased 39.4 percent in December 2012 for a total of 37,399, enough to put BMW ahead of its old and …

Sales of BMW brand vehicles increased 39.4 percent in December 2012 for a total of 37,399, enough to put BMW ahead of its old and classic competitor: Mercedes-Benz. After last month’s sales results, BMW is crowned for the second consecutive year the number one premium automaker in the United States.

An impressive boost came from the 5 Series sedan model which grew 72 percent in December. Mercedes reported a 9.5 percent increase as well helped by the full-size E-Class sedan which rose 32 percent.

Through November, Mercedes held the lead with 1,849 vehicles sold more than BMW, but at the end of the year, the Bavarians finished with 281,460 vehicles sold, topping Mercedes-Benz by 7,326 units (274,134).

mercedes bmw 2011 us sales 41623 1

“The post-recession sales momentum that started in 2010 reached an unprecedented level in December, making us strongly confident and optimistic as we enter 2013,” Ludwig Willisch, chief executive officer of BMW of North America, said in a statement for BusinessWeek.

Compared to last year, BMW sales rose 14 percent for 2012 while Mercedes’ sales increased 12 percent. Lexus finished third with 244,166 vehicles, 23 percent gain from previous year.


12 responses to “BMW overtakes Mercedes for U.S. luxury sales in 2012”

  1. auaq says:

    Alas! Finally! Me being a beloved fan of this automotive company I dare anyone (mercedes or audi) to challenge my 1990 Geo Metro with its 1.0Li displacement and 3 cylin…… wait a minute …… is this the bmwblog site??

    Right, I’m out of here!:)

  2. BMW. ///M Power. says:

    I really don’t have much to say, this is the same treatment (result) that we saw in DTM last year where the Motorsport of things is concerned. What i can’t really understand know is the reviews of those Journalist, they stab BMW in every way they can, they find the most negative things of all to bash BMW, However, their comment, findings and review turn’s out to be “FAKE”.

    Even before this final Verdict, most of the New BMW product if not ALL “Won” awards in all their respective segments, so what are those Journalist doing then?

    Journalist don’t buy Car’s, People do, People know the Value for their money. Hope 2013 will be just or even better for BMW, let’s show those IDIOTS what the “ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE” truly mean.

  3. says:

    The man in the picture says it all . bye mercedes Im going to the WINNER !!!! well done the people know better than those journalists who lately in Motor Trend they want to show BMW engineers how to tune a suspension to a 3 series, wow they know better !!!! Their latest comparison against the new Cadillac who wants to be a 3 series is the MOST stupid report done by these so called testers. BMW put attention when they come knocking to test a car since their reports are damaging to those who dont understand what a BMW stands for….

    • BabkenBMW says:

      Why then BMW agree to provide cars to those idiots? All I know is that Car and Driver, Motor Trend are the most stupid magazines I’ve ever read. And also they are Audi ass kissers.

  4. Picker says:

    Hey man, however loudly you boast about your mediocre BMW’s achievements they will never be able to produce something even close to the king of automobiles – the S-Class!!!!!

    • TheBingoBalls says:

      Err…I’m pretty sure BMW (although not under the BMW marque) builds something called a Rolls Royce, the real king of automobiles. So technically, yes they do. Hehehe

      • Picker says:

        It’s not BMW and it’s not made by BMW, idiot.

        • TheBingoBalls says:

          It uses an engine (N73 and N74) and chassis, two core aspects of a car, derived from a E66/E65/F01 7-Series so how isn’t it a BMW? I was just going to say, well Mercedes has Maybach, wait…

    • says:

      Hey Picker you need to be educated about Mercedes!! it used to be !! NO MORE that was many years ago, go and learn before you make silly comments in this site !!

  5. Kiwi BMW Guy says:

    For what its worth, we trounced Merc here in NZ too. Though Audi are the competition here, and we beat them too for the first time in a long time in 2012.

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