New Option for BMW 5 Series: Multifunction Instrument Display

News | May 13th, 2012 by 23
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An optional feature that will enhance operation of the automobile in all BMW 5 Series models (except BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Edition and BMW ActiveHybrid 5): …

An optional feature that will enhance operation of the automobile in all BMW 5 Series models (except BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Edition and BMW ActiveHybrid 5): the multifunction instrument display. This is a freely programmable cockpit display that introduces a new dimension to driver information. Enhanced Black Panel technology opens completely new possibilities for the display of information.

Via the high-grade, homogeneous black surface of the 10.25-inch display, the freely combinable instrument integrates significantly more functions than the conventional instrument panel that it is replacing. However, the familiar arrangement comprising four round instruments still remains. Two chrome rings, which open up towards each other, are visible on the black surface. Together with the displays for tank/oil temperature they remain visible on the display even when the ignition is turned off.

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With the aid of the Driving Experience Control function, the COMFORT, ECO PRO and SPORT modes can be clearly visually differentiated from one another on the instrument cluster. Whilst in the COMFORT mode a conventional arrangement of four closed round instruments is to be seen, in the modes ECO PRO and SPORT the rings open up to display additional information between the two round instruments. In the ECO PRO mode the rev counter becomes an EfficientDynamics display, showing how efficiently the vehicle is currently being driven.

Here the instrument panel shows the extended range based on the adapted driving style. In the SPORT mode speed is only displayed digitally via a large figure in the centre the speedometer, whilst the selected gear is clearly displayed in the centre of the rev counter. Besides changing colour, the displays in the instrument cluster provide additional tailor-made information such as status and function displays, check control and navigation data, all of which can be individually accessed as required.


23 responses to “New Option for BMW 5 Series: Multifunction Instrument Display”

  1. bmw SUCKS says:

    Trying to come close to Audi? Still you’re pathetic cheap low-quality shit, bmw!

    • empower says:

      go drive your fwd vw lol

      • bmw SUCKS says:

        Even VW is much more reliable than your worse-than-Tatra bmw. I don’t even need to bring in Audi because the latter is one head above that idiotic bmw.

        • empower says:

          when audi make their own cars come talk to me. audi is only a brand which uses the platforms of mass produced non premium manufacturers to build their cars. there is not one rwd in audis line up. save the money and buy a seat or skoda, just because the audi has some more shinny parts the a vw does not make it premium. have you been following the dtm this year lol.

          • bmw SUCKS says:

            Even if you were right, that non premium manufacturers car beat your pathetic bmw with any respect. So if Audi is a non premium brand, then bmw is much much worse, asshole.

          • Audi SUCKS says:

            @702689150323f74bb612a782c6c9225b:disqus here you appear again,hey BMW just defeated Merc and AUDI on DTM last week,did you notice that?HAHA!What can you say?AUDI SUCKS!

          • bmw SUCKS says:

            And what? The race before that was one by Mercedes-Benz. What can you say? Your pathetic bmw doesn’t have a race history unlike mighty Mercedes. We’e talking about the production cars, idiot. As for race history, your bmw isn’t even in the same league with Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari. So go and eat rocks, pathetic bmw asshole.

          • Audi SUCKS says:

            @702689150323f74bb612a782c6c9225b:disqus this is what it is!BMW was already on DTM long time ago,but after that BMW stop playing with it,Ya I know mercedes does have many race history but now I’m talking about 2012 DTM which is the year BMW back to the DTM,idiot.As for production car,same level of Audi and Merc also can’t beat BMW’s production car in performance.So go and eat sh|t,and stoping denying BMW POWER!

    • Phantom says:

      Tell me @702689150323f74bb612a782c6c9225b:disqus … how does it feel, to be a resentful, poor little guy, whose most unveiled desire is to own a BMW, but instead, has to resign to drive an upgraded VW ???

  2. tom43 says:

    Come on kids, go back to school! By the way: would like to see the instrument cluster in motion.

  3. VW Front wheel drive!? says:

    VW?? a Front wheel drive car???

    Seriously???!! To us true racers, Rear wheel drive please… FWD is for parents and kids.

  4. I think BMW is taking a good step forward with this. Keeping the sporty clean design but being bit more helpful.. I’d love to get my phonebook or playlist in one of the gauges.. maybe that’ll come soon!

  5. tracy says:

    who can tell me where can i buy this BMW multifunction-instrument-display/?
    Please inform me the contact or website.

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