New BMW 3 Series spotted in California

3-Series | January 2nd, 2012 by 19
2012 bmw 328i 03 750x500

Jeremy, a reader of BMWBLOG, spotted the new 2012 BMW 3 Series in La Quinta, California. The 328i model sports the Alpine White paint and …

Jeremy, a reader of BMWBLOG, spotted the new 2012 BMW 3 Series in La Quinta, California. The 328i model sports the Alpine White paint and the U.S. license plate mounting base that had many fans worried. It remains unknown if the removable mountain base will come standard or will be installed by request.

The new F30 3 Series will make its U.S. debut next month with two models: the 328i and the more powerful 335i.

As we announced before, the base price of the 2012 328i Sedan is $34,900 and the 335i Sedan is $42,400. This represents a $300 and $350 base price increases versus the outgoing model. The 3 Series now includes standards features such as 6.5” display with iDrive controller, Bluetooth connectivity, USB/iPod interface, 8-Speed Automatic Transmission, Automatic Start/Stop, Dynamic Driving Control with ECO PRO Mode, Brake Energy Regeneration, and a 1” standard wheel size increase.

2012 bmw 328i 02 655x491

The Modern Line (ZML) and Luxury Line (ZLL) will sell for an additional $2,100 for the 328i and $1,400 for the 335i model.  The Sport Line (ZSL) will make you spend $2,500 for the 328i and $1,700 for 335i.

The sixth generation of the 3 Series has grown moderately in size compared to its predecessor, with its wide track (front + 37 mm/1.46 in., rear + 47 mm/1.85 in.) particularly prominent, and the car’s length (+ 93 mm/3.66 in.) and wheelbase (+ 50 mm/1.96 in.) also accentuates its sporting allure. The car’s larger dimensions ensure rear passengers are welcomed by 0.71 in. /18 mm of extra legroom inside the doors as they climb aboard. Behind the fully contoured front seats, 0.6 in / 15 mm of additional knee room and 0.31in. / 8 mm of extra headroom further enhance the passengers’ comfort on the road.

2012 bmw 328i 01 655x491

The M Sport Package will be available at launch time as well and will bring the ultimate in sporting makeovers to the new BMW 3 Series. An all-new aerodynamic package for the exterior clearly sets cars specified with this package apart from the base model and the three lines. 18 and 19 -inch light-alloy wheels in hallmark M design, M Sport suspension, a black kidney grille and BMW Individual High-gloss Shadowline trim give the car that typical M look. The theme continues inside the car with sports seats boasting distinctive upholstery choices, trim elements with blue accent strips, an M Short-shifter (in models with manual gearbox), M door sill covers, an M driver’s footrest and the new M leather steering wheel.

Stay tuned for an exclusive test drive of the 2012 BMW 335i. In the mean time, catch our review of the 328i.

19 responses to “New BMW 3 Series spotted in California”

  1. NIGHTWALKER says:

    Nice car… =)

  2. FreudeKing says:

    This one looks cheap without Xenon lights.

  3. Terry Jansen says:

    I may be picking, but the area where the hood meets the headlight lens looks very poorly designed. 

    • FreudeKing says:

      I agree. That line is totally unnecessary. They should have just made the bonnet extend to the grille. Now we have some cheap plastic extension from the bonnet to the grille, making the bonnet look somewhat odd in a square shape. Furthermore, the badge is now sitting on some cheap plastic. This break is just unnecessary and unpleasant on the eye. They are doing this to all new BMWs and some designers need to rethink what is attractive with regards to this design feature because it is not, it looks like some Volvo features from the 90’s.

      • Nobody says:

        I agree that the line looks terrible, but I’m pretty sure it’s not entirely an aesthetic choice. Collision regulation is pushing BMW to get rid of the traditional bumper ledge that was present in the E46/E39/E38 era. Instead, they have a continuous curved face, and are moving to a forward-pushing “shark” nose, so there is very little front slow-impact area.

        The front being all plastic is less dangerous for pedestrians; otherwise the front of the hood would be a horizontal blade.

        If you crash the front of an F30 into an SUV at low speed, the bumper, which now extends above the grilles, is sacrificed so the hood isn’t damaged. The E46/E39/E38 hoods wrapped down to the bumper and are expensive to repair.

        Still, I feel like there should be some manufacturing technique that could make the bumper and hood transition more seamless.

        • FreudeKing says:

          Oh really? So how come Merc and Audi are still able to produce their cars without this unpleasant line and use of materials? and how come did EuroNCAP highlight the edge of this bumper being highly dangerous for pedestrians in their tests (see the red line edge signifying poor protection)? and such poor results didn’t occur with equivalent Audis and Mercs with a proper metal hood? So this proves that your argument is flawed and that this is just a tasteless design feature.

          Furthermore, your argument of the car being damaged is also flawed. In fact, unless you are travelling at an extremely low speed, the hood will be damaged in any case. Furthermore, due to this design, any inward movement of the bumper would cause the hood to be damaged and some repair work would have to be done on the hood as well,which was not the case in older models. Opposite to what you are suggesting, this design would mean ore repair work for BMW every time you bash into something compared to older models. 

          • FreudeKing says:

            Just to clarify, this line feature is in the new 1 Series as well, please check EURONCAP results for the 1 Series.


          • John says:

            Nobody cares if you like the hood or not.  Since you don’t like it, buy an Audi or a Merc.  Since you have no input into how a car is designed, it is pointless to even have this argument.  

          • FreudeKing says:

            If you don’t care, you shut up! Actually no body cares whether you care about my comments or not. The fact is that I speak as a current and future customer who cares about BMW and the company, or else I wouldn’t even bother commenting here. So I suggest you write something constructive or don’t write!

      • Jason Shields says:

        It is a safety feature to conform to EU pedestrian collision standards.

  4. 88E30M3 says:

    Not a fan!  

  5. Lpanousopoulos says:

    When are they bringing an XI AWD to the line?  One rumor I heard was autumn of this year? 

  6. Andreinvoicu says:

    That line is indeed hideous. Maybe a dark paint job will hide it somewhat

  7. Swimmer_sf says:

    This car is not well-proportioned.  The back end is too wide at the bottom and the front is pinched off.    The ridges on the hood are excessive.  But it pushes the envelope, if that was the goal.  I much prefer the face-lifted version of the E90.

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