2012 BMW 328i and BMW 335i Pricing

3-Series | November 18th, 2011 by 7
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BMW of North America announced today the pricing for the 2012 BMW 328i and 335i. The entry level sedan starts at $35,775, while the 335i …

BMW of North America announced today the pricing for the 2012 BMW 328i and 335i. The entry level sedan starts at $35,775, while the 335i will sell for $43,275.

The outgoing models are selling for $34,600, and $42,050 respectively.

The 2012 BMW 3 Series goes on sale in February of next year and the first 3 Series test drives have just begun.

The new 3 Series will be offered with a standard package and M Sport package, as well as three new lines: Sport, Luxury and Modern. These will provide an extensive customization program for customer by offering more upfront options.

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Customers can therefore adapt the appearance of their car to their personal lifestyle and preferences – in their own way and with eye-catching results. For the company, these new lines will result in additional savings.

Stay tuned for more information on the new 3 Series!

7 responses to “2012 BMW 328i and BMW 335i Pricing”

  1. Guest says:

    Is the 328 a 4-cylinder? And they want us to pay more?

    • Alex F says:

      You’re still getting a lot more than the E90, comfort, space, improved ergonomics, etc, and in the long run the better mileage will save you money over the previous car as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      E9x 328: N52B30, 230HP @ 6500, 200 lb-ft @ 2750
      F30 328: N20B20, 245HP @ 5000, 260 lb-ft @ 1250

      So more power both overall and at RPMs that are more useful on the street, plus a wonderfully flat torque curve from just off idle up to 4800, plus better fuel economy.  On top of that, being turbocharged and direct injected a software tune is worth a lot, apparently the 300HP/300lb-ft range is where those that have played with it expect to end up on software alone.

      What exactly is the problem here?

  2. deepgloat says:

    The 328i is only 0.3 seconds slower 0-60 than the 6-cylinder 335i but will have much better fuel economy. Also, there are more features crammed in as standard equipment (e.g., the 8-speed auto, regenerative breaking, etc.). Frankly, I’m surprised the price delta was this *low*. And hey, if you’ve just gotta shave that extra 3/10ths of a second at the stoplight, you can still get the 335i.

    I’m more inclined to gripe about the lack of an M3 or 335d at launch and the ugly straight-line end of the hood (vs. how the hood flows along the top of the grille and headlights in the current 3er).

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