Spy Video: 2014 BMW M3 Sedan with V6 BiTurbo engine

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First spy video of the new 2014 BMW M3 Sedan surfaces on the interwerbs. The new M3 Sedan will come to market along with the …

First spy video of the new 2014 BMW M3 Sedan surfaces on the interwerbs. The new M3 Sedan will come to market along with the Coupe model, which according to our sources will carry the M4 moniker.

Another reliable source told BMWBLOG that the engine in the new M3 will be a 3.5 liter V6 BiTurbo engine.

We learned in the past that BMW M was testing different engines for the upcoming M3, one of them the long-time rumored inline-6 tri-turbo. While the inline-6 is a “smoother” powerplant, it is larger in size since it needs to be leaned over for height reasons, hence why we believe the new V6 is the final choice for the M3 and M4.

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39 responses to “Spy Video: 2014 BMW M3 Sedan with V6 BiTurbo engine”

  1. wazon says:

    V6 would be the disaster!

    • wazon says:

      If you look at proportions of this spied 3-er it seems to be able to fit inline 6 with no problem. I believe that this rumor is aimed to make some noise around upcoming 3-er as well as around M3 itself. Remember rumors about AWD M5 F10? Otherwise, BMW will loose some of their enthusiasts immidiately. 

      • wazon says:

        The other quaestion is: does the rumor about V6 also say that it’s going to be BITURBO? If so, I cannot give any credence to it. It’s highly unlikely that BMW will be able to do with this kind of turbocharching system what they used to do with all of their turbocharged engines, namely keeping turbos as small as possible and making initial boost as low as possible. How can you get well accelerating engine with demanded responsiveness when you have only one turbo working at low rpm and the other (bigger) working at higher rpm? By making the boost of the smaller turbo higher? But then you loose responsiveness. Maybe something other is meant by “biturbo” than two turbos charging system with turbos of different size. I am really confused about this rumor. 

  2. Pinco Pallo says:

    V6 is a shit!

  3. Pinco Pallo says:

    V6 is the END fot M3!

  4. LexusLVR says:

    BMW finally, FINALLY, enters the modern age of engine building. Inline-6s are old technology. A V6 is far cooler, more compact, less weight and many other benefits. BMW needs to upgrade their cars big time with modern technology like FWD, Touchscreen navigation systems, high quality leather (not that cheap stuff they offer that can’t even match the leather quality of say a Ford F-150 pickup) and so much more.

    A V6 is a step in the right direction. And a turbo V6 is really good. They’re learning from the Japanese.

    • wazon says:

      If you know nothing about engines, keep your opinion to yourself. Who did tell you that V6 is technologically better than inline6? The only point at which V6 scores is… its compact size, which make it less demanding when space of engine bay is considered. But otherwise, well, you need to read some baisc stuffs about 6 cylinders engines. 

      So, you are one of the last trolls here, aren’t you?

    • robert says:

      FWD and Touchscreen navi better technology? please please give some of the shit your smoking,it must be the best shit on the planet if you think touchscreen navigation is the best thing since sliced bread,same for fwd

    • Kstanley says:

      You are a dumbass. Upgrade to touchscreen? Really? That’s an upgrade?…… BMW had touch screen in 2000… They upgraded themselves to something called idrive. Much faster response than Lexus’s laggy ass touchscreen. But if im not mistaken the new (re-labeled Toyota) aka Lexus has a knob thing (not even worth knowing the real name of) that they use in the RX, upcoming GS, and the terrible hybrid car.. So don’t post a comment about “upgrading” when Toyota has nothing to compare with BMW. And BMW’s classic inline 6’s have been rewarded time and time again, they must have been doing something right. I will admit I am not to sure how I like this V6 idea back in an M3… They will come out with something none of us were expecting. 

    • You have no idea what you are talking about do you? If FWD was better than RWD, why did Infiniti switched to RWD. Remember the I30/35 and G20? It was replaced by the RWD G35/37s. 

      FWD is for economy cars. Because the drivetrain is all in the front, it upsets the weight balance. The front wheels both steer and drive, causing understeer and such. Everyone who knows about cars know that FWD cars are susceptible to Torque steer which is even worse as the car has more power.

      AWD/4WD cars have both characteristics of RWD and AWD. All 4 wheels are powered either part time or full time. There is normally a front weight bias on these cars. They also tend to understeer or oversteer depending on the suspension. Because all 4 wheels are used, traction is superior compared to 2WD cars making inclement weather and poor surfaces more driveable.

      For the best Performance and enjoyment on normal road surfaces, RWD is the best choice. Cars such as  many BMWs have a near perfect balance between both axles and very good suspension makes cornering superior to other drivetrains.

      As for the V6 is better. You are again incorrect. The only advantage in having a V6 is like Wazon said, Compactness. (More torque may also be associated with a V-style engine.) A V6 is practicably 2 straight 3 cylinders joined at an acute or right angle. The block itself is heavier than a straight 6 block of the same material.The Straight engines are also more smooth and refined. It does not have a rocking motion unlike the V-shaped engines.

      I suggest you read a book on engines and other motor parts before you post such childish statement without facts or statistics to back it.

    • alex says:

      you all just got trolled lol

    • U tried to be funny saying things vice versa? if not how come BMW is no1 ?

  5. Giom says:

    I don’t like the idea of a V6. But, I’m sure an inline 6 isn’t optimum for the M3 anymore. Just make the new M3 kick butt like the old one did, BMW, that is all that matter!

    • wazon says:

      Why is it not optimum anymore? 

      • Giom says:

        It’s only my analysis Wazon. But my thinking is – like you explaned to the troll dude, a V6 is more compact and with the tremendous technological advances made with the M5 V8, BMW doesn’t have to re-invent a new inline motor with turbos again. Even the 4l V8 is too heavy for the M3 and the M3 really shouldn’t have a V8 when the M5 use one. It all makes sense.

        But, I still don’t like it, tho!

        • wazon says:

          You’ve got the point for sure, but I believe that they already develope the technology that could serve as starting point for M-engineers in developing inline6 tri-turbo for M3, namely the technology for inline6 diesel tri-turbo engine. Implying version of this turbocharging system for M-pethrol engine makes sense to me. We’ll see what will happen, but I really hope M3 will be featured with inline6. Otherwise, it’s time to buy well maintained m3 e46. 

  6. kolbasz says:

    I don’t think BMW will ever put a V6 in an M3. Or in anything else.

    • T. says:

      Don’t be too sure. It is all about compatability and if the V6 suits the M3 then so be it.
      But since you are seeing the “beginnings of the new M3”  The actual car will not arrive until early 2014.
      There are many ideas that begin on the table but some nver end up on the car.

      If you read the BMW Blog interview regarding the head of M. You see in fact that straight from the official that the M5 was testing a V10 prior to the inclusion of a V8. Each M car in it’s earliest form is a “frankenstein car” it is equipped with so many ideas that not all reach the final car. It is M’s attention to detail and ability to benchmark every solution conceived.  A V6 is being tested as are other engine choices

      Rest assured the final car will be what you expect from an M .  

      • Audayh says:

        “if the V6 suits the M3 then so be it.” define “suits”… if it is easier maintenance, cheaper parts, and a little bit better fuel efficiency then probably “yes. Any cars company could slap a couple of turbos on a V6 and get a good HP and Torque out of it, . But is that what M cars are about? I don’t think so… a long heritage of smooth inline 6 naturally aspirated multi throttle high-revving engines made the 6cyl M cars so special, switching to V6 makes BMW nothing but another Lexus or Infiniti (and it is very close now I’d say, especially with the lighter steering fading driver’s feedback). V6, inboard engine sound generator, turbo, what’s next?  fake exhaust pipes? FWD M cars? automatic only Trannys? One year paid driver to drive you around in your M car?

        • robert says:

          at thsi pont i would like to quote Chris Harris “M cars aren’t about the engine, M cars are about chassis”. And i totally agree if you want balls out engine power and only want to pull like a train on the straight, you have the RS cars or AMG cars(altough they care catching up very quickly to the chassis mods).

          People bitched when the m5 went from V10 to v8 TT, after the reviews people changed their minds.

          M is evolving, if dual clutch box suits the engine and is faster, than why not?

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Well said. M is more than just raw power

          • Audayh says:

            Robert and Horatiu, thats exactly the point against the V6 biturbo (I feel like I’m talking about an Audi here), BMW is not about raw power in straight line it’s about driving so when it comes to the engine the power is not important,… whats important is how the power is delivered. And thats what makes (made) the M engine the heart of the M cars that delivers beats in harmony with the chassis. 

            Most BMW enthusiast would be more than happy if the new M3 would keep the exact same 414hp in the S65 engine in the new M3 (it brakes my heart to call it M4) and keep it at the same weight, hell I would be happy even if they went back to a version of the S54 with weight reduction, both engines are perfect. The enhancement could go to the chassis in lowering the centre of gravity and redacting the turn inertia plus probably new suspension geometry (I hope they would go back to macphersons in the front and trailing arms on the back or even double wishbones all around but we know it’s not gonna happen because of the ride quality for north american market). 

            The sporty high-revving engines with immediate response of the M cars has been the centre of it’s drivability since the first M1, the inline six is so stable it could be revved high without causing any undesired rattling, and the S naturally aspirated engines are so responsive that makes throttle steering in harmony with the chassis so precise it makes you smile, and makes you go to the windy roads in the country side by yourself to enjoy your car with upright driver seat and full focus on each wheel of your car ,…. as oppose to racing other cars in south california highways by flooring the throttle and looking at the other driver behind your sun-glasses while your back is sunk in the seat. Unfortunately BMW is slowly moving to those highway racing customers and away from its roots. 

            I personally prefer manual, but I don’t mind DCT, it’s definitely a proper transmission for a sport car. What I do mind is a raw automatic with torque converter, and seriously when you have a car with 550hp+,heavy weight, turbo and automatic you can’t call it a sport car, you should call it a Mercedes or Lexus. 

  7. Mateo says:

    this V6 (if its true) will be based, I think, on current V8 but updated with turbo, ECU etc.
    will it be good. well, i’m shure it will, just like F10 M5 – will fans like it – hell no

  8. MetikalMan says:

    V6 would not be a disaster. A 3.5 would be lame though. I suspect it will be a 3.3 sequential twin turbo. They are all about saving money where possible and if you lop off two cylinders from the M5 4.4L you get 3.3. It will be a fantastic motor. easily hitting 450hp and 400lb ft. If they use this engine (with specific turbos and such) they can save enough to focus a bit more on weight reduction which is what really matters. Not to mention as much as I adore the straight six, the V6 will be far better for weight distribution. It also sounds the business.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Thanks for the detailed analysis. We did hear 3.3 before, but we’ll see what the final decision is.

      • John Jay says:

        I recall that a major drawback to the N52 engine was the cylinder bores and spacing.  There was barely 6mm of metal between cylinders, leaving little room to increase displacement of the 3.0L engine when rivals were upgrading to 3.2-3.5L V6’s.  Of course, BMW surprised everyone with their twin-turbo technology.

        The V6 could give BMW the opportunity to continue their tradition of building a tailor-made engine for their M car, instead of strapping a bigger turbo to an existing engine (like Audi or Mercedes).  They won’t be limited to the current 500cc/cylinder geometric constraint, and the packaging could help push the engine back towards the firewall to help maintain the ideal weight distribution.

  9. gogogadgetgomez says:

    Right, BMW’s going to ditch the famed M3 name for M4…like the assault rifle.

    Also, they’re going to start building V6s because buyers will be oh so happy about that.


  10. Malberto says:

    A V6 BiTurbo Engine?… I think I just died a little inside :-(.

  11. Malosmani92 says:

    I really hope that it will be an Inline 6. Even with a V6 im sure bmw has calculated everything and one thing to keep in mind is that BMW never has ruled out the V6 for the up coming M3/4. So fingers crossed, it might only be a tactic for getting more attention to these upcoming models

  12. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t think I am ignorant but can someone tell me why a V6 is bad and an i6 is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

    Why does no one want a V shaped engine?

    I understand why a lot of people don’t like the turbo.

  13. Godfather says:

    I was frigthened when I read a headline,but now after reading some comments I also think it might be a part of strategy. Inline 6 would be the best choice for another M legends.

  14. V6? Not R6?… WTF??…

  15. BMW is not going to make a V6 for anything with the BMW badge on it… they might be developing a V6 for MINI but I doubt that too. This idea of V6 power 3/4/M3/M4 is just to stir the enthusiasts into paying attention to the development.

    Remember people, BMW cannot fuck up the 3 series, it’s their flagship.

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