BMW updates ConnectedDrive text-to-speech feature

News | August 9th, 2011 by 11
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BMW announces today a new enhancement to the ConnectedDrive system. The “Text-to-Speech” feature for Facebook and Twitter with their community news and comments (i.e. all …

BMW announces today a new enhancement to the ConnectedDrive system. The “Text-to-Speech” feature for Facebook and Twitter with their community news and comments (i.e. all Facebook and Twitter messages) now have an associated “play button” that allows those messages to be read to the driver using text-to-speech technology.

When a new messaged is received the driver can simply select the play button and have the message read to them through the vehicles audio system.

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Another update was pushed for extended comparability to the iPhone Calendar. The new feature allows to view daily, weekly and monthly schedule appointments (including having them read back to you via text-to-speech functionality) through the BMW Connected app.

By accepting the free update to the BMW Connected app, via Apple’s app Store, customers will have access to these new features. The vehicles must be equipped with the optional BMW Apps (6NR) feature in order to have access to these enhancements.

BMW Connected app allows for listening to web radio, sending and receiving Facebook and Twitter posts. With the BMW Connected app, functions such as web radio, Facebook and Twitter can be shown on the car’s display and be operated by means of the iDrive Controller. If the iPhone is connected to the car via the USB socket or snap-in adapter, the content of the BMW Connected app appears on the display.

As with Facebook and Twitter, the web radio feature can also be operated via the Navigation display using the iDrive system.

11 responses to “BMW updates ConnectedDrive text-to-speech feature”

  1. Edox says:

    You’ve got a typo in the article title.

  2. Russell Chapman says:

    Do you know if this can be retrofitted by a dealer? Up until now the internet display in the iDrive screen has been sufficient, but it requires the vehicle to be stationary. With text to speech, ConnectedDrive is suddenly a big advantage over the standard internet in the car.

  3. Cokebear17 says:

    Pretty sweet Manny!

  4. Bob says:

    Hi there! I have a 2011 550ix. I have the the BMW Connected App. I go to facebook to “post whats on my mind” and there are prefabricated posts already “Listening to 06-Thank You by Led Zeppelin “. How can I type my own message or modify the message? How can I delete the suggested post that I don’t want when I choose “What’s on my mind?” Thanks,

  5. Bill Munn says:

    Since the iPhone does not support MAPI bluetooth profiles, is it possible that ConnectedDrive can add functionality so to display email and SMS on the screen in the car in the BMW Office application, just as they added Calendar functionality?  If not, can BMW please help it’s customers to get Apple to add the profle so that we can use BMW Office to the fullest, just as Blackberry and Android users are able to use it?

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