Lincoln promises to match BMW driving experience

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2011 lincoln mks new main Lincoln promises to match BMW driving experience

Lincoln might be the next player in the automotive premium market. The mother-company, Ford, announced its plans to revamp the Lincoln brand by giving it …

Lincoln might be the next player in the automotive premium market. The mother-company, Ford, announced its plans to revamp the Lincoln brand by giving it a new identify as a producer of high-tech, understated luxury cars.

Lincoln brand is trying to shake and change their reputation as “Ford-like” vehicles and the first step is two completely new models being unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

The Lincoln MKS sedan and MKT SUV will be the first two out of seven different models to come to life in the next years.

2011 lincoln mks new main Lincoln promises to match BMW driving experience

The MKS will feature a sleeker design, self-tuning suspension system and hands-free controls and entertainment system. To “wow” its customers, the automaker is betting on retractable all-glass roofs, computerized sound-reduction technology and other premium features.

“Lincoln will give [customers] opportunities to tell a story about what is unique in their vehicle,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s head of global product development, in an interview. “You think of BMW as engaging to drive; you can think of Lexus as refined. Bring them together and it is a new experience no customer has ever had.”

Lincoln will be aimed at technology-loving, upscale consumers that Ford believes make up an increasing portion of the luxury-car market, Mr. Kuzak said for Wall Street Journal.

A little more than a decade ago, Lincoln was the top-selling luxury brand in the U.S., but as BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz expanded their lines and introduced new technologies, Ford offered Lincoln models built atop the Ford versions with more features.The MKS sedan shares many parts with the Ford Taurus while the Lincoln MKX crossover is nearly identical to the Ford Edge.

Mr. Kuzak says the seven new Lincolns will still share parts with Ford models, but the cars will have unique exterior panels, headlamps and other touches to give them a distinct look.

Will Lincoln succeed in the tough U.S. premium market? We will find out in 2012.

[Source: WSJ ]
  • tailgate

    As long as it has the ugly styling of other Lincolns, the outdated logo and the name “Lincoln,” I’m not buying one.  Maybe my grandfather will.

  • La Ma

    short answer – NO.
    The Lincoln name at the moment is associated with old people’s mover, a limo-maker, a bling-bling SUV maker, and sadly its nowhere near the top players.
    I say that KIA has better chance to be a sport car manufacturer then Lincoln being a BMW beater.

    Even though they had great resources, they managed to kill every single potential product.
    They had a Mazda CX9 at the house with a ford engine, etc. and instead of Lincoln making that product better, more luxurious and improving on the basic SAV, they turned out the MKX. Horrible execution of a good basic platform.
    Their only hope is at the moment that thanks for an advanced medicine technology, people live longer. Many people will drive cars in their 80’s by 2015. So there is a market for big comfortable and luxurious cars.
    Cadillac parting that image and quite successfully, so there is Lincoln’s future market… keep making large RWD sedans like the Town Car, make them 15-20 years so they stay classic and cheap.  that’s about all I can see in their future :-)


  • Bry

    BMW’s are engaging to drive because they take what they learn on the race track and the Nurburgring and integrate the information into their vehicles… I don’t see Lincoln getting into motorsport or adapting motorsport technology into their vehicles, thus I don’t see Lincoln competing with BMW.

    While NASCAR is good for entertainment, it doesn’t breed technology that the manufacturers can adapt into their vehicles. BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, and even VW are all heavily involved in Motorsport and develop vehicles that reflect their involvement. The big three and toyota are stuck in the rut of NASCAR.

  • Daniel Vu Nguyen Hoang

    Of course Lincoln “CAN”

    Over the last decade, Detroit has majorly improve the cars that they make. The 3 muscle cars are now capable of performing on par with the German rivals. Quality may still be a down but they are improving. The Cadillac CTS is brushing that brands “Old Man Car” Image off while still a decent competitor to the Germans and Japanese. If Lincoln applied itself, anything can happen.

    Lincoln is still Years away though…

  • Nnnn

    Attaching your brand to the goals of another brand seems like a losing strategy.  Lincoln’s message is basically, “My other car is a BMW”.

  • anon

    I hope they do well. Competition is always good, especially if they can do it at a competitive price point.

    How likely is it to happen? Unlikely I think. But I will reserve judgment until we see them on the road and in car magazines.

  • Mr. Guest

    Yeah right, even Germans cant copy ///M and now Lincoln will, silly.

  • Adsf

    Considering not even AMG, RS or any of the other German heavyweights can even match the performance of the ///M Division, I highly doubt Lincoln will be even matching the performance of a 316i….on summer tires… the rain.

    • Nnnn

       uh… say again?

    • LexusLVR

       Haha! RS and AMG can’t match BMW M? LMAO!!! Delusional people!