What would you like to know about BMW i? Ask your questions!

BMW i, Featured Posts | February 25th, 2011 by 26
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Next week, BMWBLOG and our sister-magazine BimmerToday will be attending the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Along with the extensive coverage and photography, we will be …

Next week, BMWBLOG and our sister-magazine BimmerToday will be attending the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Along with the extensive coverage and photography, we will be sitting down with key figures at BMW and talk about a wide range of subjects.

One of them and the most important one in our opinion is the newly announced BMW i sub-brand. BimmerToday will be sitting down for an interview with Dr. Klaus Draeger, Executive Vice President of BMW AG and R&D chief. Dr. Draeger has been instrumental in bringing the new electric sub-brand to life and it goes without saying that he holds the answers to many of our burning questions.

But since BMWBLOG is all about the BMW community, we are giving you the opportunity to ask your own questions or raise any concerns. At the end, we will filter through the most interesting and relevant ones and choose a batch that will go into our interview. The questions have to be related to the BMW i sub-brand and keep in mind that BMW usually refrains from answering any inquires regarding future products.

BMW i Logos2 655x315Our suggestion is to focus on the newly announced i3 and i8 models due out in 2013 and 2014. Questions regarding the “i” sub-brand also welcomed, especially since the new “i” represents a major turning point for the company.

The deadline for the Q&A is until Monday at 12PM EST.

26 responses to “What would you like to know about BMW i? Ask your questions!”

  1. Clinton says:

    “Should we be expecting the usual premium/luxury prices, or more affordable common consumer prices?”

    Being that this is all about a “brighter future,” I’d hope BMW would make their technology available to everyone. It is a world effort.

    • FreudeKing says:

      The mere fact that they love to add teh word PREMIUm to every thing they make,even that stupid Mini Scooter means that they will not miss out on a chance to charge you an arm and leg for their products. Bear in mind that the current management team is on ashareholder suck up strategy to try and boost share price. So sorry, I don’t think you will see this car at Toyota prices.

      Afterall, they didn’t tarnish the BMW brand name by making these front wheel drive cars for nothing. The main reason for using BMW’s name is to make as much prodit as possible, at the expense of BMW’s brand image in teh long term.

  2. DSC OFF says:

    My question:

    Since the CFRP plant in Moses Lake will be in full production by July of 2011, and the i3 won’t be sold until 2013, can we expect the new M5 to be covered in carbon fiber? You have to keep those workers busy somehow in the next 12-18 months.

    • FreudeKing says:

      What’s the relevance of this question??? How do you know that they are not producing something else and what the labour structure is like in that plant???

  3. Artmic says:

    is the new i8 going to cost 200K ? if so, why??????????
    for that money you can have a better car with better performance, why exactly should people pay more for this car? because it says BMW on it?

    To me this car should be priced at 75K at most. But whatever, you can get a GTR for half the price of the i8.

    • kolbasz says:

      Then why do people pay so much money for classic cars?! They’re old, their performance’s bad, they’re expensive… But whatever, you can get 7 GTRs for the price of a 1929 Duesenberg Model J Clear Vision Sedan.
      Go and buy your Nissans…you’re question was just stupid.

    • FreudeKing says:

      I think the total cost of this car (initial purchase price and maintenance) will be much higher that just getting a normal car. They will price this car so high that you will have to pay a heavy premium to be green. So BMW thinks that being green is a lifestyle that only the relatively rich should have. just you see….

      It is just ironic because you want to safe money as you don’t have to pay high fuel rpices yet they make the initial cost so high that erodes any potetial benefits. It’s liek run flat tyres, we want the efficient dynamics technology but those tyres that we are forced t use and buy are so expensive and unpleasant that they erode all benefits and cost saving of efficient dynamics technology. So the running costs of a comparable car in its class is still much lower due to those tyres.

  4. bob says:

    Dr. Draeger is a member of the Management Board (“Vorstand”).

  5. FreudeKing says:

    My Questions:

    What is the price range of these cars? What about maintenance costs and the estimated useful lives of these cars?

    How heavy are these vehicles and are they as safe as other BMWs in the event of an accident. i.e. have they been designed to achieve 5 star rating at Euro Ncap (as one looks like a Smart and the other looks like a light weight plastic car)?

  6. b_bomb says:

    Diesel in america? Pretty please?

  7. DieselDog says:

    With the increase in diesel model sales as reported by http://www.thedieseldriver.com/2011/02/diesel-economics-2010/ , will BMW be offering more spoprting diesel models (530d, 320d) to increase average fuel consumption of vehicles sold in the USA in 2012?

  8. DieselDog says:

    …especailly pertinent to the discussion, why did BMW drop the diesel engine from i-Project? I think the first iteration of the vehicle was phenominal!

  9. Bryce says:

    How much influence did the isetta have on the new BMW i models?

    Is there any chance we’ll see a rear-engine, 1-door coupe from BMW i?

  10. Aku says:

    I am looking at 2007 335i with 58K miles on it. Its fully loaded with 100K miles warranty until Jan 2013.

    The dealer is asking for $25k. Is this price reasonable?


  11. Anthony Dicioccio says:

    I just took delivery of a used 2011 535i x drive I have navigation, voice command etc, however it does not have the the rear view camera and parking sensors can the dealer retrofit there into the car using OEM parts 
    Tony D

  12. Akuba_1 says:

    Will a 2004 BMW 328i rims fit on 2002 BMW 745i?

  13. John says:

    Why is there no practical body style, i.e., like Golf or Honda Fit, in the 1 series marketed in the USA? They couldn’t make them fast enough.

  14. expected to launch in Brazil of the BMW I?

  15. Myspace46 says:

    i just bought a 2005 BMW X5 4.4l and it has dual head rest dvd players, one of them does not work and the dealer is telling me that it is only there to match the one that does work so the head rests look the same.  Am I being mislead? are both dvd’s suppose to work or only the one? is the one only there to make the back of the head rest not look akward?

  16. Curt Brasier says:

    What is the status of the 3 wheel icar?

  17. Conz says:

    I have a 2010 BMW X5 4.8i with M sport package, just noticed that the very front bumper air intakes, one side is solid and the other you can see through and put your finger, just in front of the wheels, where fog lights normally are, anyone know why this is?

  18. david says:

    have a “96” 328i need to get in the trunk (no battery in the trunk)

  19. Oleg says:

    Is it ok to use no ethanol gasoline for my bmw????

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