Confirmed – April 2011: BMW X6 to be offered with a 3-seat rear bench

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Updated: Confirmed by BMW through a press release Back in 2010, we reported on the BMW X6 being offered in the future with a 3-seat …

Updated: Confirmed by BMW through a press release

Back in 2010, we reported on the BMW X6 being offered in the future with a 3-seat rear bench. Nearly a year later, Skiddmark confirms our initial assumptions. Starting from April 2011, BMW X6 will be offered with a rear bench increasing the number of X6 occupants to five.

Currently, BMW fitted the Sports Activity Coupe with a pair of rear buckets divided by a study center console with a cubby and cupholders.

The rear seats are currently only capable of accommodating two passengers, since the large rear center console is not removable. While the bucket seats are comfortable and supportive, legroom and headroom feel a bit cramped.

While not officially confirmed Confirmed by BMW also, Skiddmark mentions that the process of moving to a 3-seat rear bench has not been a simple one. The X6′s rear compartment was specifically designed for two and the bench height positioned to optimize the passenger’s view forwards whilst minimizing obstruction to the drivers’ view through the rear window.

Interesting enough, the UK publications says “due to the significant changes required to accommodate the three-seat rear bench, BMW’s X6 will no longer be available in its original 4-seater configuration.”

But back in 2010, Jim O’Donnell, BMWNA CEO said the following:

The X6 has surpassed our expectations–double what we originally thought in terms of segment share. We’re closing in on 100,000 vehicles in two years. We only offered it with two rear seats, and we have changed that and will offer an optional bench seat, but not in the 2011 model year. We would have sold more cars if we had the bench–it will be 70 percent of the volume. The consumer wanted that, and we thought he didn’t.

For the 2011 X6 models, the original way to operate the shift paddles returns, exactly like the ones in M cars. When manual operation of the eight-speed sport automatic is chosen, the right paddle shift the gears up while the left paddle is now for downshifts. Other changes include upgrades to the ConnecteDrive System and the addition of BMW Apps.

The addition of an optional 3-seat rear bench will most likely make its way into the usual facelifted model that is released mid-way into the production cycle.

[Source: Skiddmark ]

26 responses to “Confirmed – April 2011: BMW X6 to be offered with a 3-seat rear bench”

  1. Joe says:

    Very smart.. one of the reasons I did not consider the X6.. this changes everything!

  2. Ben says:

    Its about time! How silly was the original configuration. Not only the leg room is compromised, rear passenger can pretty much only exit from his side. It is quite difficult to climb to the other side.

  3. Postas says:


  4. FreudeKing says:

    It is about time! How idiotic were they to deliberately make the car less practical and waited SO long to make this car more userfriendly. Did they think their sales were so high that they needed to do something to sell fewer X6s??? Something is wrong with these peoples’ heads at BMW.

  5. FreudeKing says:

    You know, it is nice that BMW realised that they had made the wrong choice regarding what consumers expected regarding three vs two seats. But come on, how could they even possibly think at first that owners would not want three seats instead of two??? If customers ddin’t care about practicality, they would not have gonefor a 4X4 in the first place! This is just stupid!

    This is exactly the same situation with their run flat tyres. BMW is not able to understand what their customers want. They are so arrogant that they think their assumptions are correct without need for further investigations to further understand customers’ desires. I have a friend who just bought the new X1 and he said that the RFT are unbearable, therefore will be selling his car at the end of the year and buy the Q5. What a pity! All BMW could have done is given customers a choice. I am sure many others have had the same experience and have already left BMW for another brand to get a better ownership experience.

    • Mitchell says:

      Considering nearly 100,000 X6’s have been sold in 2 years, they have obviously done something right, and it obviously works for a lot of people.

      Having the X6 with the bench merely widens its appeal and audience, thus selling more…

      • FreudeKing says:

        The point is not how successful it already is. The point is that they could have been far more successful and would have sold a whole lot more if they made this vehicle more practical and made decisions like rational beings.

    • Kodey says:

      Your that belligerent to bitch about run flats? Really? In my opinion and probably some other people, run flats are extremely useful if you live in the shity city (no pun intended) where people just throw/drop sharp objects such as nails ex…. If you buy a BMW don’t be a cheap bastard and fork up the extra what $7 maybe $800 bucks more for a performance tire? Get real.

      • FreudeKing says:

        Your comment is so messed up that I don’t even know what you are talking about. Firstly, you also get performance fun flat tyres, thya re not mutually exclusive. so why is run flat tyres useful if you live in a shitty city where you get ounctures all the time? It just means that everytime you get a puncture, you would have to fork out about 3% of the purchase price of teh car to replace the tyres. So does this mean that just because BMW drivers are richerthan the average car driver that we shouldn’t care about the extra 3% everytime we get a puncture?

        Your arguement is flawed, you may have numerous punctures every year and if you thinkn that we shouldnot be botehred then you are wrong. RFT are inferior products that The BMW Group has forced their customers to live wih even though they impair the ownership exprience. Unfortunately it is not about how much you are spending, but rather whetehr you are getting value. I may be able to afford a cruise ship but I do not see th value for me. And I woudl liek to remind you that many people are indifferent between Audi and BMWs worldwide and especially if they change their company cars every three years, so keep on forcing your customers to have these inferior products and they will go.

        If you drive in a shitty city, then it is more of a reason why you shouldn’t have run flats as you have tyre pressure monitor and you have petrol stations allaround the city, so as soon as you lose 30% air pressure, you can just pop in to pump up. Furthermore, the likelihodd of getting a puncture in the city is much higher and that would equate to constant replacing of you useless fun flat tyres. Your RFT will also wear mcuh quicker due to city driving and the life span will oly be less than half of a conventional tyre. Shame.

        • Kodey says:

          At the end of the day, you buy a BMW, replacing the tires should be of no concern to your wallet.. I have to fork up the money, so as I stated before just deal with it and move on… And your comment looks like it took a while to write? 20 bucks says you looked up all those facts and double checked to see if they were correct no? Not like I care.. Any how we all drive the best on the road deal with the minor bills we have to pay for owning a car above 50 grand…

          • FreudeKing says:

            Unfortunately, the majority of BMW drivers and owners will disagree with you. The fact that we are willing to dig deeper in our pockets to buy a car that is superior doesn’t mean that we are willing to fork out more than 10% of the purchase price of the car for inferior tyres that we are forced to use, which I don’t think has value to me at all. In fact, If I have to pay an extra % to get conventional tyres with a biscuit tyre, I would pay that premium so that my ownership experience will be enhanced.

            There are many out there who are indifferent between an BMW and Audi, and with Audi trending as a very cool brand, this RFT nonsense is just pushing BMW customers awayeven quicker.

  6. tweer says:

    So much more practical having a third seat in the back thats not actually big enough, looks amazingly comfortable doesn’t it, everyone stay still and don’t move while we take the photo with a fisheye lens so it looks bigger.
    They have caved in to the morons that whined, none of whom would ever buy an X6, if you want more seats buy get an X5.

  7. Rafael Fontoura says:

    I bought a X1 and i live in Brazil. In the first travel i crossed a hole and the run flat tyres broken unfornately . I spent a lot of money to buy a new tyre. !!!

    • FreudeKing says:

      Exactly my point… forcing inferior stuff onto the customers. Good luck with your run flats because you would have to replace them every time you get a puncture, too. Nevermind damaging it during an offroad journey.

      You know, what were these people thinking fitting run flat tyres on an SUV?

  8. viper says:

    that looks tight.

  9. BMfan says:

    The angle and perspective from which people like Freudking and viper write always smacks of negativism, bitterness and hate.
    The more than 100,000 people who already drive X6 are not complaining as most are not buying them as their first or only cars.
    If the company have eventually decided to add one more seat they did it to increase sales and appeal to poeple who need that extra seat, some of us don’t.

    • FreudeKing says:

      I don’t care how many people have bought. I care about how many people BMW lost due to this irrational decision not to have a bench from the start. Yes, the X6 is very successful but it would have been a whole lot more successful had it not deliberately made it less userfriendly.

      Not only is your argument of this car not being customers only car not justified, it is also not a valid point in favour of your less user friendliness argument.

  10. Danny Shore says:

    so that’s what rich ppl look like

  11. BMfan says:

    @FreudeKing, BMW only lost biased souls like you and really they could care less cos you can’t be helped. Sorry.
    We loved the 4-seat X6, bought them and we aint complaining so don’t bother about us. You can go ahead and buy now if you can.

    • FreudeKing says:

      “Biased Souls” – well, maybe you are so blind that you think that every single comment against BMW is biased. The fact is that I am stating FACT to you and you cannot even see that it affected BMW’s sales performane.

      Well, i feel sorry for you becasue your 4 seater X6 will have a lower resale value because the demand for such an impractical car (where you cannot even take another person when needed to) will be lower than that of th bench seat X6. what do you tell your 4th friend who wants to get a ride with you? Sorry bud, my huge X6 only accomodates 4 people max and you would either have to sit in the trunk or take a cab.

      The point is that those who would have considered an X6 would have moved to other choices and otehr brands. This is unneccessary lost of sales.

  12. BMfan says:

    Have loads of people waiting to buy mine if I decide at any time to sell. Your arguement is not only witout basis but I also insist is skewed more towards destructive than constructive. BMW as a company set out a goal to sell 80,000 and ended up selling more than 100,000. I don,t know who you are bothering yourself over. Maybe you have some shares in BMW and you are whining you would’ve gotten more dividends or something?

    • FreudeKing says:

      My relationship with The BMW Group is none of your concern. The fact of the matter is that they made an extremely POOR business decision and there is NO debate about it. They had spare capacity throughout the period since launch collectively and this alone shows that sales were below potential.

  13. FreudeKing says:

    I have a hugely inflated opinion of my own comments, hence the name I use.

  14. FreudeKing says:

    I regularly make love to myself and film it to put on the internet.

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