Best Features Of The 2011 BMW 5 Series

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The new BMW 5 Series launched in the U.S. in June and reviews have been mostly positive, despite some criticism around BMW’s electric steering system. …

The new BMW 5 Series launched in the U.S. in June and reviews have been mostly positive, despite some criticism around BMW’s electric steering system. The folks over at Edmunds decided to focus on the positive aspects and initiated a top three best new features found on the 2011 5 Series.

  1. The Dynamic Handling Package
  2. The optional Dynamic Handling Package adds Electronic Damping Control and Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) to the 5 Series and utilizes an Adaptive Drive system to tie the two functions together. Driving Dynamics Control, as first seen on the 7 Series, lets you prime the car’s automatic suspension by pre-selecting one of four modes: Comfort, Normal, Sport and Sport+. The different modes also affect engine throttle response, transmission shift patterns, steering effort and stability control settings (Sport+).

    Best Features Of The 2011 BMW 5 Series

  3. Automated parking assist with parking cameras
  4. The BMW Parking Assistant supports the driver from the start in choosing appropriate parking space. Ultrasound sensors integrated in the side indicators measure the length and width of possible parking spaces when traveling at a speed of up to 22 mph. The system thus looks for parking spaces exceeding the length of the car by at least 1.20 meters or 47 inches.

    When the BMW Parking Assistant is not activated, this measuring process continues in the background without emitting any particular signals to the driver. But as soon as the driver comes to a stop and shifts into Reverse, the iDrive Control Display informs the driver of a suitable parking space by presenting an appropriate symbol. Once the driver has activated the system, all parking spaces sufficient for the car are presented while driving past. In both cases the driver simply has to press the Controller to use the Parking Assistant.

    Acoustic and visual messages from Park Distance Control and from the Top View system help the driver in adjusting the distance from other vehicles or obstacles ahead of or behind the car in the parking space chosen.

    In action, it works pretty well and takes about approximately 30 seconds from start to completed park.

  5. Eight-speed automatic transmission
  6. BMW’s new 8-speed automatic transmission, or new “Sport Automatic” 8-speed, when compared to the exemplary 6-speed automatic offered in past BMW models, features “taller” cruising gears which make a significant contribution to reduced fuel consumption and emissions, as well as quietness.

    The wider spread of ratios allows the engine to run at lower speeds, mainly in the “tallest” gear, 8th. Yet even with this wider spread, the steps between adjacent gears are reduced; in turn this means a stronger, smoother flow of power during acceleration.

    And for the same reason, faster shifts are a further benefit because only one clutch pack is disengaged to shift up or down by one or two gears. On the other hand, downshifting more than two gears is accomplished as a direct shift. For example, a downshift from 8th to 2nd gear is made with only one clutch pack disengagement, and thus occurs without stepping down through the intermediate gears.

    The 535i  has a 20 mpg city, 29 mpg highway and 23 mpg combined EPA fuel economy estimate, according to BMW, one of the best in the midsize luxury sedan segment.

To maintain an open discussion, let’s hear about your favorite features of the new 2011 BMW 5 Series.

  • plaxico

    Safety. The previous 5 scored poorly in crash tests. Interior is much improved.

  • paul

    the electric steering thats makes this the first 5 ser thats crappy to drive….that has to be the best feature 4 me

  • Florient De Durant

    funny how car n driver puts the infinity and the a6 above the new 5 series, idiotssss

    • kcsnyud

      Yah, Yah, Yah that wats turning bmw into a pig.

      • paul

        + 1 LOL

  • Kenee

    This is such a boring BMW to look at and to drive. its a shame that such a great car maker has made such a rubbish car. The only 5 series worth having is the Gt which look great and drives like a real classy BMW. I hope BMW learns quickly from its mistake and moves away from the idea of making simple boring cars which the mistake Volvo has been making for years.

    • wazon8

      Blee, I cannot read these craps about 5 GT. You need to deny physics first, then you can maintain that car with heigher center of gravity drives better than the car with lower center and the same platform. That’s exactly what you do, when you talk about 5-er vs. 5 GT.

      • kcsnyud

        I wish the f10 would finish production today…

  • Open Road BMW

    The 5 series has greatly improved. We love it!

    • paul

      for a mercedes they really did a great job…if comfortable and boring to drive was the objective they certainly improved. I am sure mercedes and audi fans love it

  • efoza

    I agree with Kenee but one can not compare the 5 GT with the 5 series. The GT has been built by BMW as a car for the upper market whereas the 5 series is for the middle ordinary company car or taxi market.

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  • Babken

    The only things that BMW improved in the new 5 Series are safety and interior. But they absolutely failed with traditional BMW strengths: performance and handling. It’s ridiculous that the E-Class outperforms and outhandles the new 5 Series both in the straight line and in the corners. That’s why the sales of the E-Class jumped to the sky and nobody buys the new 5 Series.

    • paul

      + 1 ur right

    • BENZ

      The only thing the 5 series is strong with is its ability to make the world laugh at its senselessness. There is only one automobile in this segment: E-Class. This new generation brings to knees the 5 series and makes it useless. The new E bats the new 5 in all aspects. By the way, here is a slap in your face, bmw fans:
      So look and close your ridiculous mouths. E-Class owns the 5 in every possible way.

  • kcsnyud

    +1 ur right babken

  • http://gmail crime minister

    smart one creates like BMW and fools comment on it and find out mistakes in their work like all those people who are criticizing new BMW 5 series.

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