Inline six for motorcycles: BMW K 1600 GT and 1600 K GTL

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Press Release: Since BMW Motorrad presented the concept study Concept 6 in autumn 2009, the six-cylinder in-line engine featured in it has captured the imagination of …

Press Release: Since BMW Motorrad presented the concept study Concept 6 in autumn 2009, the six-cylinder in-line engine featured in it has captured the imagination of many motorcycle fans. With BMW, six-cylinder in-line engines have stood for fascinating engine technology in automobiles for over seven decades, in a way which is unique among brands. In the near future, BMW motorcycles will also be available with an internally developed six-cylinder in-line engine.

With the BMW K 1600 GT and the BMW K 1600 GTL, BMW Motorrad is penetrating a whole new dimension in the Touring world of experience . Both motorcycles stand for a supreme, impressive and equally distinctive appearance, arousing a desire to travel at first sight.

This press release contains a range of information on all aspects of BMW Motorrad’s new touring bikes. Additional data and background information will be added for the world premiere.

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Riding dynamics, long-distance suitability and comfort.

For decades, six-cylinder in-line engines have offered a special fascination. In addition to their perfect running smoothness they also offer supreme output and torque, giving the rider powerful emotional impressions, too. And of course the sound of a six-cylinder engine is beyond compare.

In addition to safety, equipment and prestige, the key criteria for a supreme touring bike are comfort and dynamics. With the most compact in-line six-cylinder engine in serial motorcycle production to date, the K 1600 GT and the K 1600 GTL penetrate a whole new dimension in terms of riding properties, long-distance suitability and comfort. They combine maximum agility and riding dynamics with a luxurious overall package. With an engine output of 118 kW (160 bhp) and a maximum torque of approx. 175 newton metres, their six-cylinder engine provides superb propulsion in all conditions.

BMW K 1600 GT with active riding ergonomics for proactive touring.

The dynamic touring bike BMW K 1600 GT is characterised by an active seating position which nonetheless offers a high level of long-distance comfort. The reason for this is the favourable set-up of the ergonomics triangle made up of footrests, seat and handlebars. The K 1600 GT has a very extensive range of standard features ex works consisting of xenon (HID) headlight, heated grips and seat, cruise control and on-board computer. These features in conjunction with the supreme riding qualities of the new BMW Motorrad six-cylinder engine leave nothing to be desired for the proactive tour rider.

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BMW K 1600 GTL with very comfortable, relaxed ergonomics set-up for long trips with pillion passenger.

The luxurious touring bike BMW K 1600 GTL meets the highest demands. Rider and pillion passenger benefit from the relaxed, upright seating position as is especially appreciated over long distances. The ergonomics design is geared towards even further enhanced comfort and derives from a two-level seat in conjunction with rider footrests which are positioned further forward and lower down, as well as handlebars which reach further back. The standard topcase rounds off the range of comfort features for the pillion passenger. Like the K 1600 GT, the K 1600 GTL has a very extensive range of standard features consisting of xenon headlight, heated grips and seat, cruise control and on-board computer. The overall impression of this fascinating six-cylinder motorcycle with a carefully conceived storage concept, audio system as standard and numerous design elements make the BMW K 1600 GTL the flagship among BMW touring bikes.

An overview of highlights of the BMW K 1600 GT/GTL.

  • Supreme in-line six-cylinder engine with a high level of pulling power, especially in the lower and medium engine speed range.
  • Engine output 118 kW (160 bhp) at approx 7 500 rpm and maximum torque approx. 175 Nm at approx. 5 000 rpm.
  • Over 70% of maximum torque available from 1 500 rpm.
  • Lightest and most compact six-cylinder in-line engine in serial motorcycle production, weighing just 102.6 kg and measuring 560 mm in width.
  • Consistent lightweight construction throughout the entire vehicle (magnesium front panel carrier, aluminium rear frame, crankshaft etc.).
  • E-Gas (ride-by-wire).
  • Three modes to choose from (“Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic”)
  • High active safety due to standard BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (part integral).
  • Traction control DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) for maximum safety when accelerating (optional extra).
  • Chassis with Duolever and Paralever and ideal concentration of masses for dynamic riding properties combined with optimum comfort.
  • Electronic Suspension Adjustment ESA II for optimum adaptation to all uses and load states (optional extra).
  • World premiere in motorcycles: Adaptive Headlight (optional extra) in conjunction with standard xenon headlight and lighting rings for increased safety at night.
  • Integrated operating concept for the first time with Multi-Controller, TFT colour screen and menu guidance.
  • Audio system with preparation for navigation device and controllable interface for iPod, MP3, USB, Bluetooth and satellite radio (only USA and Canada) (standard in the K 1600 GTL).
  • Innovative design with outstanding wind and weather protection.
  • K 1600 GT with active riding ergonomics for proactive touring.
  • K 1600 GTL with very comfortable, relaxed ergonomics set-up for long trips with pillion passenger, as well as luxury touring features.
  • Extensive fittings and individually tailored accessories at the familiar high level of BMW Motorrad.

16 responses to “Inline six for motorcycles: BMW K 1600 GT and 1600 K GTL”

  1. Giom says:

    These guys just never stand still! New and exciting stuff all the time – and this news really is exciting! With their S1000RR making inroads at WSB events, it will only change the old perception of their touring bikes too. And, that is not a bad thing:)

  2. Doug says:

    Hey, BMW — what happened to fewer cylinders and turbocharging?

    Apparently this will be mounted transverse. It’s going to be *very* wide, but I guess the torque would make the handling unmanageable if mounted longitudinally.

  3. shawn says:

    This is great news – the engine is a marvel of engineering, incredibly compact.

    I hope they go on to use this engine in a sports bike similar to the Concept 6 (cafe racer) as well as a proper sports bike, one rung up from the K1300S.

  4. Jack says:

    hey this is nice on from BMW…… cool design………..i be waiting for it to come in market soon…………

  5. The 1600 GTL looks to be a great bike, with allot of great technology first, I sincerely hope that the single sided swing arm and read drive assembly is designed better then the units on the previous K1200LT, because rear drive bearing failures are time consuming and costly to repair thus causing loss of confidence in your machinery. Because, 2 rear drive failures in 16k miles is 2 too many. I’ll keep my fingers crossed regarding the GTL, the sketches look great so far and, my deposit is in…

  6. andre says:

    looks a very interesting machine, is the GLT going to be the old LT replacement? or is there a new LT in the works as well to be released at a later trime?
    will the new GLT have a reverse gear and the electric centerstand?? I,m eager to see the new models in the showrooms, What about seat height? have they been able to get the seat height below 30 inches for us little guys, I love my LT but the seat height coupled with the weight can be daunting in slow manuevers.. thanks Andre

  7. I must question why the k 1600 GTL does not have a Reverse Gear, as on the “1200 LT”. Reverse Gear is very important to all riders… especially when the bike is fully loaded during trips. I have to also question why Rear Speakers have not been designed into the rear top-case; this too, was a great feature on the 1200 LT. “No Electric Center Stand”, again another great feature on the 1200 LT that is missing from the k 1600 GTL. Lower Lumbar (Back-Support) for the passenger is missing and is not designed into the rear Top case. Again, this was a great feature of the 1200LT’s according to many passengers. If “G”= Grand, “T”= Touring, and “L”= Luxury then we must question why these Luxury Touring features have not be incorporated into the GRAND all new 2012 BMW k1600GTL. Are we the BMW motorcycle touring community missing something here….? It seems as if the k1600 was designed as a “Supersport tourer” which can also be considered a GT by some…. It appears that somehow the LT of the past has been lost in the design and as for the “L” in GTL, it seems as an after-thought that has falling somewhat short of expectation. Which leaves the question, which buying market is this bike targeted for; luxury sport bike, or luxury touring bike? And which age group has BMW actually targeted this bike for. BMW MOTORRAD Engineering group senior engineer Please Respond.
    via forums K1600GT/GTL

  8. Theo says:

    Very neat design and most powerful engine. What will the maximum speed be at 7500 rpm in top gear?

  9. John L kuhns says:

    I was also wondering, where is the damn reverse gear? I own a 2009 Harley flhtcu el, I end up struggling with all bags loaded backing out of various places. And god help if the only space avaiable is down-hill.

  10. Ray says:

    I have some pity for the short of leg but my problem is the opposite. At 6ft 5 in and
    340 lb I need all the leg room I can get.
    I know the manufactures keep brining out models with lowar and lower seat heights but iI need my butt a little further from the ground.
    I have never felt the need for a reverse gear.
    If you need reverse in a Harley Baker Drivetrain has the answer for you.

  11. Sean says:

    Does anyone know when this is expected to be available? I know they have a ‘pre-order’ list and have heard rumors of March. Thanks.

  12. Dan says:

    Where is the CB?

  13. pappa bell says:

    I just checked out the GTL this past weekend and it’s going to be the tourer all others will be compared to when BMW adds a few missing pieces; Crash Bars so highway pegs can be attached , cv , and reverse gear.
    I am a die hard harley rider and can say that the GTL is without question the finest motorcycle I have ever straddled. The only bike in it s class is the Gold Wing and even it can’t hang with the GTL. And its cheaper than the wing at the top end.
    I hope BMW is listening because they have the opportunity to dominate the touring market if they listen to perspective buyers. Also a taller seat option is available as well.

  14. charles b says:

    These high tech bikes takes the fun and confidence out of the traditional biker. How about a low tech twin from 750cc to 1000cc ?

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