Not suprisingly Porsche 911 beats Mini Cooper in race at “Road Atlanta”

MINI | June 22nd, 2010 by 13
mini v porsche 630op

Today, at Road America in Atlanta, the MINI vs. Porsche saga consumed its last episode. In the over-hyped and unfair “fight” between the Mini Cooper …

Today, at Road America in Atlanta, the MINI vs. Porsche saga consumed its last episode. In the over-hyped and unfair “fight” between the Mini Cooper and the Porsche 911, as expected the sporty luxury brand took the win.

According to a report by Autoblog, the track was modified to maximize the MINI’s potential and neuter the high-speed prowess of the Porsche. But despite “these efforts”, the MINI Cooper S lost the battle by two seconds.

As we said above, the outcome was expected, based on the performance of the two cars and also, the price.

mini v porsche 630op

With this race out of the way, we wonder how MINI will respond to their Hyundai challenge which takes their place as a challenger in another race.


[Source: Facebook MINI via Autoblog ]

13 responses to “Not suprisingly Porsche 911 beats Mini Cooper in race at “Road Atlanta””

  1. paul says:

    LOL. good fun none the less. i guess any publicity is good publicity.
    i just wish bmw stuck to the mini as their FWD car.

  2. Shawn says:

    What a blunder.

    • Bryce says:

      Blunder? I don’t see how this was a blunder.

      • Shawn says:

        In so much as Mini instigated a challenge they (probably) knew they could not uphold. Perhaps I’m a little old-school in my perception of effective marketing, but why organize a huge event, ramp up media coverage and attention, only to… lose (and by a huge margin to anyone who knows motorsports – seconds are a life time).

        Not only that, but the course was set up with tight corners and short straights in order to favor the Mini.

        Honestly, who sets out to lose? How is that good marketing?

        And now the plot thickens… Hyundai has called out Mini, based on their challenge to Porsche. This will undoubtably end with the same result, except Hyundai has posed the challenge.

        One last thought, why did Mini call upon Porsche to compete with the Carrera S – it would have been a little closer had they used the base model 911.

        Just my 10 cents. :)

  3. Laszlo says:

    whoa, who would have thought ? err… well, everybody. I’m surprised only by 2sec though. I was expecting something like 8-9sec… but the modified race track helped a little.

  4. james may says:

    does that guy on here think that mini thought they could beet porsche lol. and get over a fwd bmw which will only be 4m long. you have no business sense. some people could even say they wish bmw never made cars and stuck to bikes,

    • Shawn says:

      Not for a second james, just don’t understand why Mini took this marketing approach no doubt knowing they would lose.

      I understand the “fun” approach they’ve taken, but losing is generally not fun. In the public eye, losing looks weak and a weak image does not improve sales.

  5. Lariv says:

    Gasp, nobody could have seen that coming.
    They should have raced Hyundai instead.

  6. Matt Stokes says:

    Lol, Mini should make an FIA GT3 spec homologation version of the up-coming Mini Coupe, then go and race Porsche at the N24!

  7. Jon says:

    Maybe MINI planned to lose, so they could come back and win at a 2nd event?
    Why else would be put the Cooper S against a Carrera S? They should have raced a Cooper Works against a base 911.

  8. Carlton says:

    this always felt like it was about positioning to me, and never about how the actual cars compared.
    Mini positions itself as fun and they bolstered this image with this campaign. I doubt they won many actual Porsche converts but I doubt this was a primary point either. Mini sticks in people’s head as a fun and spunky brand and this is a big win for them.
    to be honest I’m not buying their product anytime soon but that’s a different story. there is some fun video and interviews on their facebook page though –

  9. RDUncan says:

    Not really Road Atlanta, but an autocross staged near Road Atlanta. If the event were at the racetrack, the result would have been a huge difference in time (due to the Porsche power advantage). Still, a lot of fun for boh sides.

  10. Carlton says:

    sorry if this is old news but also just saw this video. it’s a ‘mini vs. porsche’ gag on the training montage from Rocky IV. lots o yuks.

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