Exclusive live photos: 2011 BMW 5 Series Lighting, front and rear.

5-series | November 24th, 2009 by 12

As promised yesterday, we have new exclusive photos from the 2011 BMW 5 Series official launch. Our sister blog was in the audience and …

As promised yesterday, we have new exclusive photos from the 2011 BMW 5 Series official launch. Our sister blog was in the audience and has a lot of surprises for us.

The new luxury sedan launched yesterday during a ceremony highly awaited by all the BMW fans and not only. We mentioned yesterday that new F10 5 Series carries a lot of unique design aspects of the current 2010 3 and 7-Series cars. The headlights and front end share a lot with the 5 GT and the 335i. The headlights are slightly modified over the 3-Series units and much smaller than the 5-Series GT, making the new F10 its own uniquely styled BMW.

Also, the hood is a design feature shared with the current 6 and 3-Series. And we’re very pleased to say this, it looks incredibly sporty and aggressive.

The rear-end of the new 5 is where some new business happens. BMW has typically taken a less aggressive look in the rear-end department to appease more of the subtle luxury crowd, but now they really give you something to stare at when you’re trailing behind the new car, for whatever reason that may be… Notice how the taillights look like the 3 and 7 cars, but with a more sculpted lens.

Take a look at the photos below and check back in a few minutes for more exclusive photos.

  • orlandocroccia

    I like what i´m seeing:)!

    • Simba

      This design is somewhat disappointing… This car looks like the current 3 Series E90. The front grille is not aggressive enough, the headlights are somewhat soft, giving the car a sleepy image as opposed to the sharp image that the 5 GT gives. (maybe it’s due to the downward curve down to the indicators of this new 5). Rear also resembles the E90 – don’t know why thy would do that as the butt of the E90 and rear lights have been heavily criticised. The front of the car seems like a swolen head????

      Interior is very nice though.

  • Artmic

    Those rings are LED ?If so that is cool, i thought they did not include any more LED stuff in the design.

    • Horatiu B.

      Yes, some people call them corona lights, they look great at night.

  • Doug

    It looks like the ‘irises’ are clear rings illuminated from the bottom (probably LEDs), but the headlamps are still HID bulbs. Signal lights definitely LED — but oddly lensed.

    Btw, what’s a “live photo”? :) Is it a real-time thing?

    • Horatiu B.

      :) Meant more like in real life photos hahahha

  • Noor Bourashed

    me to ;)

  • Noor Bourashed

    I like what i´m seeing:)!

  • KidrauhlM5

    Gosh this car is beautiful!!

  • Hantra

    The only thing I want to know is. . . do the turn signals blink yellow? If they blink red, I’m going to pass. I HATE red turn signals.

  • tiberiu

    Does the eyebrows lit with the angeleyes? I can’t see from pics!

    • Benny

      the eyebrows do light up, but only a tiny little bit. So if it is really dark you will be able to see a diffuse lighting above the angeleyes, but e.g. in daylight you won’t see it at all.