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2011 BMW M3 Convertible By Vorsteiner

US-based tuner Vorsteiner releases new aerodynamic upgrade to the 2011 BMW M3 Convertible. The super sporty M3 is getting new carbon fiber bootlid giving the car not only a more aggressive dynamic upgrade, but also…

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Jlevi SW visits Vorsteiner facility

Our friends over at Jlevi StreetWerks are sharing with us their experience and photos from their trip over at the Vorsteiner facility in Southern California. If you’re interested in car modding and are fascinated about…


World Premiere of the Vorsteiner GTRS3

California-based tuner Vorsteiner has just unveiled their latest creation: GTRS3. Built on top of the BMW M3 Coupe, the GTRS3 M3 is the first of its kind in the Vorsteiner lineup. The GTRS3 Aero Package…