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Can the BMW X5 Tow Your Boat?

In this article, we will outline the BMW X5 towing capacity. We’ll then cover cargo room and performance to better illustrate this vehicle’s overall capabilities. We will al so answer one of the most common…

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Video: How to Activate Trailer Mode in your BMW SAV

It may seem peculiar to some people but BMW’s are actually used to towing things. Some BMWs are even rated for some serious load capacities, especially the X7 and X5 models. But no matter which…

BMW X5 Now Available with 3.5 Ton Towing Option in Australia

Can You Tow Your BMW?

Ask five car owners their opinion on towing, and you’ll get five different answers. Some think it’s no problem and no harm to the car, while others wouldn’t let anyone near their baby with a…