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VIDEO: Check out this E46 BMW M3 CSL Manual Conversion

As a driver’s car, the E46 BMW M3 CSL is largely considered to be the finest BMW ever made. However, with the CSL there’s always been something that made everything enthusiast say “it’s brilliant but…”….

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Photo Comparison: BMW M2 CS vs E46 BMW M3 CSL

There are a few cars in BMW’s history that are considered untouchable, cars that no enthusiast will ever claim can be matched. One of those cars is the E46 BMW M3 CSL, one of the…

VIDEO: Carfection drives the E46 BMW M3 CSL

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Which to Buy: BMW M3 CS or E46 BMW M3 CSL?

Now that we’ve all seen the BMW M3 CS, the latest in a line of special edition M3s. While pricing hasn’t been released yet, it’s likely that there are already potential buyers inquiring about all…

For Sale: This 2003 BMW M3 CSL is alarmingly cheap

Different people have different definitions of “cheap”. For instance, if you were to ask me if a $59,000 car is cheap, I’d say no, obviously. Ask Bill Gates and he’d call that same amount pocket…

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VIDEO: Lucky BMW E46 M3 CSL owner picks up car

I’m not sure what it is about car collecting videos, where new owners get to collect their newly purchased sports car, but I love them. I think it’s because they let me live vicariously through…