E39 BMW M5

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Buy the BMW E39 M5 now while you still can

The consensus choice for the best BMW M5 of all time is typically the E39 M5. It might not be the best M5 in specific areas; such as engine (E60 M5) or looks (E28 M5);…

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Why is the E39 BMW M5 worth so much money now?

There are a few modern-ish cars that are going to hold their value incredibly well, with some of them even appreciating. One such car is the E39-generation BMW M5, a car developed from 1998 to…

E39 BMW M5 with E60 M5 face and butt looks…wrong

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This 2001 E39 BMW M5 could be your cheap ticket in

We recently learned that the E39 BMW M5 will almost certainly begin to balloon in value, becoming almost too expensive to reasonably own. That’s due to the high demand of the E39 M5, which is…

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Two BMWs make Road & Track’s 10 Best Sleeper Cars

Most car enthusiasts love good sleeper cars, cars that look rather ordinary to the untrained eye but have the power and performance to flat-out embarrass most sports cars. The idea of pulling up to a…

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Build Your Perfect All-Era BMW

You see it all the time in sports, where analysts and broadcasters will talk about an all-era team, a team built from all of a certain franchise’s best players, regardless of era. So we thought…