E28 5 Series

BMW E28 5 Series - Buyer's Guide

BMW E28 5 Series – Buyer’s Guide

E28 BMW: A History of the Classic 5 Series When it was launched in 1981, most folks were surprised that the new BMW E28 5 Series looked like a facelifted E12. The 1972 E12 5…

BMW Welt presents Mission Impossible Fallout display with the all-new M5

BMW 5 Series History - The 2nd Generation (E28)

BMW 5 Series History – The 2nd Generation (E28)

The second-generation 5 Series by BMW has been regarded as one of their most significant vehicles ever produced, having sold nearly 750,000 units. It served as the platform for the first official BMW M road…

"We only drive BMW E28 5 Series"

“We only drive BMW E28 5 Series”

More than twenty years ago, Dean and DonnaRae Caccavo made a pact: they agreed that they’d never spend more than $10,000 on a single car. Over two-plus decades and through much inflation, they’ve kept this…