BMW tri-turbo

Video: BMW Tri-Turbo Diesel Technology

Video: BMW Tri-Turbo Diesel Technology

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, BMW will introduce the first four models in the new product line – BMW M Performance Automobiles – BMW M550d xDrive (sedan and touring), BMW X5 M50d and X6…

BMW M550d xDrive – 5 Series with tri-turbo engine?

As we just hit published on our BMW M3 tri-turbo engine story, another related report comes forward from our sister magazine BimmerToday and Motor-Talk. According to them, a label for brake pads received by a…

Editorial: Tri Turbo and Electrical Assist

Today's Tech Tip: Triple Turbos

Today’s Tech Tip: Triple Turbos

I swore off turbo-charged cars after the mid 1980s, I’d had enough of the lag until 3500 RPM and then the boost would come on with a rush (though it was fun), the nasty side…