BMW Performance Driving School

BMWBLOG attends BMW’s 2 Day M School

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Video: BMW Performance Driving School

Our friends over at Automotive Rhythms spent some time down at the BMW Performance Driving School in South Carolina. The BMW Performance Delivery Center in Spartanburg offers quite a few exciting driving courses, from the…

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe at the M Performance School

Our friend and spy photographer Palbay spotted the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. The new “baby-M” has recently joined the M fleet at the Performance School…


BMW X5 Off-Road at BMW Performance Center

Two weeks after the amazing and intense adventure at the BMW M School, I was back in Spartanburg again, this time with an entire crew of U.S. auto journalists. BMW North America offered to combine…

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Our experience at BMW M Performance School

Let’s start this review with a different approach and tell you from the start my conclusion after a full day spent behind the wheel of some of the most powerful BMWs out there at the…