BMW Megacity

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BMW to launch new “i” sub-brand on Monday, February 21

On Monday, February 21, BMW will host a press conference in Germany announcing the a new sub-brand. The new “i” brand will offer a badge to all the upcoming BMW electric vehicles. The “next premium”…

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BMW MegaCity to receive optional Range Extender

BMW Financial Officer Frederick Eichiner told german website that the BMW Vehicle Mega City will receive an optional range extender that can be ordered with the electric vehicle. The range extender refers to a…

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BMW considers adding artificial sounds to make Electric Vehicles safer

Automotive News reports on BMW’s potential plans to add artificial sounds to its electric vehicles to make them safer to pedestrians. According to the magazine, BMW’s competitors Audi and Mercedes-Benz have already begun developing specific-sounds…

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World Premiere: First Sketch of the BMW Megacity Vehicle

At the BMW Museum, in a private setting for international automotive journalists, BMW unveiled tonight the first sketches of the 2013 BMW Megacity vehicle. Introduced by the BMW Director of Design, Adrian Von Hooydonk, the…

BMW Megacity: Full details

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BMW Megacity Vehicle to launch in 2013

With the launch of its Megacity Vehicle in 2013, the BMW Group will be bringing its first series-production electric-drive model to market. “With this innovative vehicle, designed from the ground up, we will be creating…