BMW M3 Pickup

V12 BMW Z3 Prototype revealed by BMW M

BMW M surprises today with a Facebook post that talks about a V12 BMW Z3 Prototype. The one-off prototype joins others special M projects, like the V16 7 Series Goldfish, M8, E36 M3 Compact, E34…

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M Festival Photos: BMW M3 Pickup

At the M Festival at Nurburgring, BMW M displayed the one-off M3 pickup that was unveiled on Fools Day. At launch time, the BMW M3 Pickup was the darling of the interwebs and surprisingly, many…

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Live Photos and Videos: BMW M3 Pickup

Today, at the official press unveiling of the new 2012 M5, BMW prepared another surprise for the journalists present at the event. The BMW M3 Pickup that made waves on the interwebs just days ago…

World Premiere: BMW M3 Pickup