BMW Innovation Days 2011

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BMW Group Innovation Day 2012: Efficient Dynamics

BMW Group Innovation Day 2012: Efficient Dynamics. With the Efficient Dynamics development strategy, the BMW Group assumes a leading role in the entire automotive industry. The whole fleet in focus: the BMW Group continues to…

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Innovation Days – Electrification

Munich, Germany – BMW’s strategy for providing transportation involves what they describe as ‘three powertrain pillars’, internal combustion engines (ICE), hybrids, and electric motors. The trick with plug in hybrids and electric vehicles is to…

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Innovation Days – Light Weight Construction

Munich, Germany – The last stop of the day for the English speaking journalists at BMW’s Innovation Day was Light Weight Construction. Various pairs of parts were arrayed around the room, with a production part…

Opening Report on BMW Innovation Day

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BMW showcases Light Weight Construction Parts

This week, BMW is hosting their annual Innovation Days event. Every year, the Munich-based automaker showcases some of their future technologies, and the main theme this year is EfficientDynamics. In the press release issued today,…