BMW diesels

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BMW CEO Harald Krueger talks diesel and its future

During a recent interview with ZEIT magazine, BMW CEO Harald Krueger spoke about several things, including his first public speaking of his fainting accident, and they spoke quite a bit about diesel engines, their importance…

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BMW adjusts to new EU emissions restrictions

Following Volkswagen’s Dieselgate fiasco, BMW was also accused of tampering with its diesel engines by Auto Bild only to have the German publication retract its story. BMW’s diesel vehicles passed all government testing and there…

U.S. life would be so much better with Diesel

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Toyota Avensis gets BMW diesels

Toyota has released all the details about the facelifted Avensis and one of the biggest updates is the use of BMW diesel engines. The engine range gets two diesel units from BMW, a 110 hp…

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Buy more diesels

It’s no secret that the U.S. is one of the worst markets for the diesel engine. For some odd reason, Americans just aren’t big fans of the crude-oil engine. Maybe it’s the clack-clack noise, or…