BMW ActiveHybrid 7

Video: What’s like to drive a BMW ActiveHybrid

BMW releases a video featuring different people who drive ActiveHybrid models and share their experience with others. In the U.S., BMW offers three hybrids, for each one of the 3, 5 and 7 Series models….

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 first exclusively for VIPs

Before the official launch of the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 in 2010, the new luxury sedan will be exclusively driven by public figures and VIPs, a move that BMW hopes it will draw some attention to…

Test Drive: BMW ActiveHybrid 7

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 to cost $103,125

BMW announced pricing today for the 2011 ActiveHybrid 7models during their North American debut at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. BMW’s first hybrid performance/luxury sedans will arrive in showrooms in Spring 2011 with a base…

Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW 7 ActiveHybrid

Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW 7 ActiveHybrid

BMW 7 ActiveHybrid made its debut also at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Along with the X6 Hybrid vehicle, the 7 ActiveHybrid plays an important role in BMW’s EfficientDynamics program. Despite the fact that the two…