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1m black 750x470

BMW 1M: Sapphire Black and Alpine White colors

Valencia Orange has been the preferred marketing color for the new BMW 1M, but many BMW fans and potential buyers have become increasingly anxious to see the new “baby-M” in other colors as well. The…

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Wallpapers: BMW X1 in Alpine White color

Just a few days ago, we’ve update our BMW X1 photo gallery with the new color introduced in the X1 line-up: Marrakesh Brown. But since we all love photos, especially BMW ones, we decided to…

Supreme Performance: The BMW M3 Edition Models

How to change your BMW’s color by using 3M tape

gerittg, a member of E90post, decided to try a little experiment: how to change his new BMW 335i coupe from a black exterior into a beautiful white, WITHOUT having to re-paint the car. One of…