If watching Quantum of Solace told me anything (and it honestly didn’t tell anyone much), it’s that hydrogen fuel cells go “bang” when hit with bullets. Good thing, then, that BMW made a bulletproof version of its new hydrogen SUV — the BMW iX5 Hydrogen Protection.

The BMW iX5 Hydrogen Protection is in the VR6 resistance class, meaning it can withstand AK-47 fire, since that’s the most commonly used firearm in robbery or other criminal scenarios. Armor plating was added to the doors, the pillars, and various other body panels, and the glass was obviously made bulletproof, to keep passengers safe from said gunfire. Passengers should be safe from anything up to an AK’s 7.62 rounds.

One important aspect of any armored car, especially the BMW iX5 Hydrogen, is armor plating for its undercarriage. Armor needs to be put underneath the car to protect passengers and drive components from hand grenades and other explosives. According to its VR6 protection rating, the iX5 Hydrogen Protection is also rated to withstand 15 kg of TNT  from four meters away. BMW claims the iX5 Hydrogen Protection is just as safe as the standard X5 Protection, despite its more explosive fuel cells.

Now, though, any clients that need a bulletproof luxury SUV, for whatever reason, can have one that’s also zero emissions. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen Protection uses its hydrogen fuel cells to power a 374 horsepower electric motor. Admittedly, it’s going to be quite a bit slower and less efficient than the standard iX5, due to the added weight of all the armor and bulletproof glass. But at least you’ll be safer.

So if you’re a spy, a high-profile person, or even a James Bond villain and need protection but also care about the baby seals and polar bears, you can finally have a zero-emission, bulletproof SUV. And, unlike the Tesla Cybertruck, its windows won’t break if a dude throws a ball at them…