Top Gear recently too delivery of a G80 BMW M3 Competition, in the appropriate Isle of Man Green, and decided to take a proper road trip in it to truly get an idea of what it’s like to drive. To do so, TG’s Rowan Horncastle used the M3 to do the Three Peaks Challenge, a trek through the highest mountain peaks of England, Wales, and Scotland in less than 24 hours. The mountain roads of the area are also some of the best in all of the UK. Perfect for M3 driving.

This trip was also done as part of a “stag do”, which is what Americans would call a “bachelor party”. Because it was for such a “stag do”, the M3 Competition’s luggage capacity was tested as well. Its rear seats were folded down to fit a set of golf clubs, camera gear, luggage, and even alcohol. After all, a BMW M3 is supposed to be usable on a daily basis, carrying both passengers and luggage, while also delivering driving thrills. So Horncastle’s trip was about as good of a test as it gets.

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The M3 Competition proved itself during the trip as well. Its suspension was impressive and capable. Surprisingly, it was actually a bit too soft for some of Wales’ rougher pavement, which caused it to bottom out its bump stops and even scrape its lower front lip at times. A switch from Comfort to Sport modes helped but it’s still surprising to hear it was too soft. If you’ve driven an M3 Competition, you’d know that even its Comfort setting is firm.

Overall, it seems like the M3 Competition was a faithful companion and one that is well worth using for such a trip. Not only was it fast, fun, and capable but it was comfortable enough and practical enough to assist in such an endeavor. Additionally, its safety tech; massively bright headlights and driver assistance systems; give its driver some well-needed peace of mind on such trips.

[Source: Top Gear]