This new Rolls-Royce Ghost is an interesting car in the brand’s lineup. The Ghost is supposed to be the entry-level car (if you can call a car that costs more than most American homes “entry-level”) and the one that is meant to be driven as much as it’s meant to be chauffeured in. However, because it’s the latest Rolls-Royce, it’s also the one that has the most advanced luxury technology and innovations, so in a way it’s actually one of the most opulent Rollers you can get. In this new video from Top Gear, you get to see why the new Rolls-Royce Ghost is so luxurious and why Rolls calls it “post-opulent”.

On the outside, the Ghost is the subtlest car the brand has made in a long time. While it’s obviously not objectively subtle — it’s grille is named the “Pantheon”, after all — but it’s subtle by Rolls-Royce standards. The reason for this is that the brand’s customers have spoken and many of them want something with a bit more visual restraint on the outside. At the same time, they want the same brilliant Rolls-Royce luxury inside and underneath the skin. Speak softly but carry a big stick, right?

Inside the new Rolls-Royce Ghost, you’ll not only find some of the same quality of materials you’ll find in a Phantom costing twice as much but its sound insulation is actually better. Rolls-Royce engineers went to excruciating lengths to make sure that every single sound inside the cabin carries the exact same frequency. Everything from the trunk liner to the seat track runners have been engineered to emit the same frequency while on the move, this way the cabin is as absolutely calming as possible, without being so silent that your own hearbeat is the loudest part of the cabin. Apparently, Rolls engineers actually went a bit too far and had to put sound back into the cabin, as its extreme silence was originally causing passengers to go a bit insane.

Even its suspension is the most advanced ever put in a Roller. Its new Planar suspension system uses a new damper on the upper wishbone, to remove any high-frequency vibrations that the air suspension can’t dampen out. So the Ghost, despite being the Baby-Rolls, rides every bit as well as its more expensive siblings, perhaps even better.

So the new Rolls-Royce Ghost might not be the most expensive but, for a certain customer base, it’s absolutely the best Roller on the market.