As promised, a few years back, over the air (OTA) updates are starting to pop up more frequently in modern-day BMWs. The company announced new features today, all of them to be made available in cars with iDrive 7 (as long as the hardware allows it) though over the air update. These features had been announced for the new 5 Series LCI model previously but they are now being rolled out to all cars.

Of course, cars rolling out of the production plants starting this month will have all these features included but BMW wanted all owners to get these benefits, with the magic of remote updates. Therefore, iDrive 7 will have the new BMW Maps navigation system available, which is now faster to calculate routes and more accurate in terms of traffic prediction.

Connected Charging will also be available along with the BMW Digital Key (including Apple support), Android Auto and an improved version of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

The latter will get a couple of new functionalities as well as a better user experience. The AI working behind has been upgraded to work better with free speech. Furthermore, the virtual character now turns towards the person talking and can distinguish between addressing the driver and the passenger.

In addition, the various driving modes can be activated by voice. With the help of vehicle data such as the GPS signal, the assistant can also automate the driver’s routines and adapt accordingly, for example, by automatically opening the window when entering a parking garage.

Last but not least, BMW is expanding its array of remotely activated functions. As you may well know, you can unlock various functions in your car, by paying for them using the infotainment system.

Currently available examples of these services are the High Beam Assistant, Active Cruise Control (ACC) driver assistance system with Stop & Go function, BMW Driver Recorder, BMW IconicSounds Sport, and Adaptive M Suspension (the offer may vary in individual markets).

In the near future, additional functions will be added that can access the vehicle’s existing hardware and software, such as certain comfort functions or driver assistance systems.