Some info regarding a possible future recall for certain BMW models has recently surfaced online. While not being officially public yet, it will impact various models across the range that are equipped with the B46 / B48 powerplants. In a photo showcasing what looks to be an internal document (which you can see here), the recall is related to the 4-cylinder engine under B46 and B48 generations and it will affect several models from the G0x, G1x, G2x and G3x product generations.

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The main issue that was discovered is that, due to a faulty bearing for the balance shaft, the engine could suffer from a lack of construction robustness for the respective part and thus could possibly lead to physical attrition of the component as well as further engine damage. Consequently, the bearing wear might also put the vehicle safety and integrity at risk, as the powerplant could detach while driving.

The B46 unit is a 4-cylinder gasoline engine which usually powers the 30i versions. The latest iteration of its kind is the B46D, which was further improved compared to B46C. The B48 unit, on the other hand, is the successor of the previous N20 generation of engine and is equipping a vast amount of models, including the 20i versions, but also the 30i/40e versions of the 7 Series or the M Performance models (M35i) of the F40 1 Series, F44 2 Series Gran Coupe and F39 X2.

On the photographed document, we can also see a partial list of models that could be on the verge of being recalled in the next period. The G20 3 Series in both AWD and RWD configurations, the G29 Z4 and G30 5 Series, both equipped with the B46 engine and in rear-wheel drive configuration (namely 330i/330i xDrive, Z4 sDrive30i and 530i versions) are targeted for a minute technical inspection at BMW in this case.

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As well, the list of models fitted with the B48 engine is even larger and includes the G30/G31 5 Series with all-wheel drive chassis (520i xDrive), the G28 3 Series LWB with AWD (320i xDrive), the G20 3 Series and G30 5 Series with rear traction (320i and 520i) and the G11/G12 7 Series with RWD (namely 730i/730Li and 740e/740Le versions).

BMW should officially disclose further details on this topic in the following period.

[Source: Bimmerpost]