How to save your BMW from a hurricane? Park it in your living room!

BMW M3 | October 9th, 2016 by 8
BMW E30 M3 Hurricane Matthew 750x500

Hurricane Matthew made landfall this week and many have taken precautions to protect their property. And for some enthusiasts, that means protecting their beloved cars.

Some stuff their cars in their garage, or even rent out sturdy storage space to ride out the tropical storm, but BMW fans are always ready to take things to the next level. Take for example Instagram user Jalilsup who’s decided to park his E30 M3 in his living room.

BMW E30 M3 Hurricane Matthew 750x498

Judging by the layout of his house and the large entrance, he seems to have been able to drove his M3 right through the front double-doors.

And to cement his love for the car even further, he’s even treated “her” with some Cheerios for breakfast.

In the end, once the maelstrom passed his town, Jalilsup drove the E30 back out onto his front lawn.

Now if this doesn’t show one’s love for BMWs, not sure what else will.

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