We recently saw the facelifted version of the G30 BMW 5 Series doing some camouflaged testing. Among the few differences we spotted on the heavily-camouflaged test mule was the fact that its Kidney Grilles are now a bit larger, sort of bringing the 5 Series up to date with cars like the 7 Series and X7. Opinions on that aside, it seems to be the direction BMW is headed. Some new spy photos of the facelifted 5 Series have cropped up but this tie they’re of the plug-in hybrid version. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

Much like before, the front and read ends of this 5 Series test mule are covered in camouflage, so we can’t make out much. However, we get a bit of a closer look in these spy photos and we can see that the new Kidney Grilles are, indeed, quite large. They’re not as massive as the 7 Series but they’re larger than the pre-facelift car.


The headlights are also quite different, with less of a notch where they connect to the grilles. They’re now smoother and a bit sleeker looking. They also seem to feature new lighting elements inside them. Overall, it looks like the front end of the new 5er is going to be sharper and sportier looking than the pre-facelift car and even more premium.

2018 BMW 530e test drive 42 750x500
Current BMW 530e for reference


Out back, the rear is covered by too much camouflage to make out any significant differences. But it does look like the new taillights have been updated a bit.

Under the skin, we’re not sure what sort of powertrain this hybrid 5 Series will have. It’s likely that it will still use a four-cylinder turbocharged engine paired with an electric motor and batteries to drive all four wheels. However, it could change, as the BMW 745Le jumped from a four-cylinder in the old 740e to a six-cylinder.

When the BMW 5 Series facelift (LCI in BMW-speak) makes its debut it will likely be an upgrade over the current car overall, with new headlights and taillights. However, its larger grille might invite some controversy from enthusiasts. Only time will tell.

[Source: Motor1]