Every year, BMW sets off on what they call the Ultimate Driving Experience tour in the US, bringing some rather awesome cars to various cities to allow people to witness they glory. This year, the event has grown as it has over the last few years. In 2019, 16 cities will be part of the tour and some of them will get a special experience with new program components. Therefore, the tour will go from coast to coast and invite everyone to take part.

The roster of cars includes the brand new 3 Series, the new X7 and a number of other models as well, spread on some specially prepared courses. These include: autocross, street drives, teen driving school, innovations area and the M Car Control Clinic. The last one is probably the most interesting choice for true enthusiasts as it allows them to get behind the wheel of a BMW M2 or M4 for a day, learning about driving from certified professional instructors from the BMW Performance Centers. This will set you back $750 per person.

The autocross section is a closed course driving program where attendees get behind the wheel of a BMW 330i and are paired with a BMW instructor. The instructor will then show you how to get the most out of the car, what technology is installed on it and everything then top off with a lap around the track. As for the Innovations Area, registered consumers will be invited to test the off-road capabilities of the BMW X7 and are given an opportunity to interact with some of BMW’s newest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

The tour is already happening and things kicked off in Washington, DC on April 4 at the FedEx Field. This weekend it arrives in East Rutherford, NJ at the MetLife Stadium. The next stop is in Boston, MA, at the Xfinity Center from April 26 to April 28 followed Philadelphia, PA at Citizens Bank Park between May 7-9, Miami, FL between May 17-23 at the Hard Rock Stadium, followed by one more stop at Tampa, FL, at Derby Lane between May 31 and June 2. Atlanta, GA will be next, at the Atlanta Motor Speedway between June 6 – 8, then Dallas, TX at the Lone Star Park between June 28 – 30.

San Francisco, CA, at the Cow Palace between July 27 – August 2, then heading to Seattle, WA at Emerald Downs between August 23-25, Portland, OR at the Portland Expo Center August 29-31, Orange County, CA at the OC Fair & Event center September 4-6, at Los Angeles between September 14-20 at San Anita Park and then over in Cleveland, OH, at the I-X Center September 27-29 followed by Minneapolis, MN at Canterbury Park October 18-20 and finally over at New York City, NY, on Citi Field, November 7-14. To sign up, just click here.